Covid 19 Officer Roles and Responsibilities

Covid 19 Officer Roles & Responsibilities
Recommended Skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Respects confidentiality
• Organised
• Comfortable interacting with young people

COVID-19 Officer
The role of the COVID-19 Officer is to monitor the Swim Ireland Return to Water COVID-19
protocols whilst on duty at club activities. A COVID-19 Officer must be present at all club
sessions, including dryland, pool, and outdoor activities. This individual may perform the
same function as a person on duty according to the Swim Ireland requirements, whilst
observing the implementation of the codes of conduct that includes the additional COVID-19
requirements to the codes of conduct for all members.
A Coach or CCO may not perform this duty.

COVID-19 Officer Roles and Responsibilities
• Remain up to date with all COVID-19 advice/protocols
• Oversee the club session and promote good practice to ensure compliance to the Swim Ireland codes of conduct including additional COVID-19 requirements as relevant
• Attend Swim Ireland COVID-19 Officer training in protocols relevant to the COVID-19 health and safety requirements
• Remind members of protocols where necessary
• Report incidents of non-compliance to Person in Charge of training session or to the Lead COVID-19 Officer
• Liaise with relevant individuals to ensure that attendance records of individuals attending club activities are being kept for contact tracing purposes
• Communicate to Lead COVID-19 Officer any concerns raised by members regarding club/facility protocols


Benefits of volunteering in this role
• Pride in your ability to support your club.
• Working with other volunteers to support your club return to the water
• Working as a team with other volunteers and young people is a skill you can usein other areas of your working life
• Meeting new people and making friends
• Setting a positive example to young people in your club (in a junior club)


Mandatory Requirements
• Swim Ireland COVID-19 Officer training
• Signed Code of Conduct
• Completed Self Report Screening form