In accordance with the Seminole County Executive Order issued yesterday, and until further notice, ALL of our athletes and coaches must wear a face covering when entering the breezeway, and during the entire time that the bathroom is used, effective this Wednesday, July 1. 


A suitable face covering must be one that remains on nose and mouth without being held in place by a person's hand; it needs to be held in place by loops, or tied behind the head.  PULLING A SHIRT OVER YOUR NOSE OR MOUTH WILL NOT SUFFICE.  YOU MUST WEAR A MASK INTO THE BREEZEWAY, AND WHEN USING THE TOILET.  This is non-negotiable, folks.


Once the swimmers are through the breezeway, the mask may be removed and kept on your chair or swim bag.  If you do not own a mask, either reusable or disposable, you can get creative and make your own.  There are plenty of ideas for Do-It-Yourself face coverings online.


Masks have recently become a point of controversy in the political arena.  In my opinion, they shouldn't be.   If there is even a possibility that my wearing a mask may prevent someone that I will never meet from getting the virus, I will gladly wear it.  As coaches, we spend a good part of our time on deck wearing masks, even though it is not required.  It's well over 100 degrees on the pool deck much of the day, and masks are not exactly comfortable.  However, I can speak for all of our coaches when I say that we are happy to do anything to reduce any risk to your family, as well as to the general public.  We've been voluntarily wearing them since practices resumed.


I have two primary concerns every day when I come to the pool:  First and foremost, I want every one of our swimmers, every lifeguard, every coach, and all of their families, to be safe.  Secondly, I want to keep our facility, and our team, open for our swimmers.  That's it.  I am committed to the idea that no one is going to get infected during their time inside our pool gates.  Anything less is unacceptable. 


We are taking extraordinary steps at the pool to keep you and your family safe, from obsessively cleaning and sanitizing, requiring social distancing during practices, and closing the pool deck to parents and visitors.  Keeping the virus numbers from increasing not only helps our community health and our economy, but it helps increase our chances of staying in the water, of having a high school swim and water polo season, and of resuming USA swim meets and water polo games this fall.


I thank every one of you in advance for your cooperation, and I remain committed to your family's safety.


Tony Ackerson

Head Coach

Seminole Aquatics