Gator News

Hi Gators! Next week, July 6, we will add Monday practices! We will see y'all 5 days a week through July 31, woohoo! Thanks go out to SGCC and the coaches.

Next Tuesday we will be offering bottles of Hint water for $2 to golfers and swimmers as a Gator fundraiser, so bring exact change if you’d like one. We will also need volunteers for short shifts of handing these out in addition to volunteers for Donut Fridays. These fundraisers are going really well and the kids (and golfers!) enjoy the treats, so thank you contributors and volunteers!

Pencil in July 14 for opportunities for individual and sibling swimmer photos from local small business ImageTek Photography.

Last, a BIG thank you to our team sponsor this year, Nacho Yogues: Nacho Average Loan Guy!