Important - NEW health guidelines for Travel outside of Connecticut

Wahoo Out of State Return to Training

Covid Guidelines and Procedures


Outside Travel Guidelines for Travel outside of Connecticut

We want to inform you that one of the questions everyone is being asked before they enter The Wilton Family YMCA is about recent travel outside of Connecticut.  Recently, many States have been cited as COVID19 “HOT SPOTS”.  If you have traveled to one of these States recently, you will need to self-quarantine for 14 days OR provide documentation of a “negative” Covid19 Nucleic test result dated following your return to Connecticut as required by us from the Town of Wilton Health Department.  

  • Documentation will need to be submitted to the Head of Human Resources (Maria Bonini) – once one of these two requirements have been met – swimmer(s) will be welcomed back to training.  We trust that you all understand that these precautions are in place to ensure a healthy and safe environment within our YMCA for all members and staff.  We thank you in advance for your support, patience and understanding.



The Wilton Y Wahoos have be adjusted our Mask-Wearing Policy for all practices, meets, and water activities. Masks will continue to be worn when entering the YMCA, walking through the hallways/locker rooms, and onto the pool deck. Instead of removing their masks at their spot on the pool deck and then walking to their space in the pool lane, swimmers will wear their mask to their lane space. All swimmers will receive a plastic Ziploc Bag (or may bring their own from home) to store their mask in while in the water so that masks stay dry. Swimmers will then put on their mask immediately after exiting the water and before returning to their spot on the bleacher.

A Step-By-Step Guide to our new policy can be found below:

  1. Arrive at the Y in your suit and mask, answer questions/have your temperature taken at the front desk, then walk to your appropriate pool for your scheduled practice.
  2. Swimmers will receive a plastic Ziploc Bag (or can bring their own from home).
  3. Swimmers will get ready for their practice and walk to their lane WITH THEIR MASK ON.
  4. Swimmers will remove their mask and seal it in their Ziploc Bag before entering the pool.
  5. After completing their practice, swimmers will exit the pool, immediately put on their mask, then gather their belongings and return to their spot on the bleachers.
  6. Swimmers will dry off and prepare to exit the YMCA. Masks will not be removed during this time.

Ziploc Bags will be available at practices, and this new policy will be explained to all swimmers this week before practices.

As positive cases of COVID-19 continue to fluctuate in our neighboring communities and throughout the United States, we appreciate your commitment and efforts to keeping our team and our YMCA safe.



  • All Wahoos will continue to arrive to the pool for practice in their swimsuits.
  • Lockers WILL NOT be used by Wahoos for storing personal belongings. All belongings will be brought onto the pool deck with the swimmer.
  • If NOT changing out of a wet suit:
    • Dry off on pool deck.
    • Mask on before leaving pool deck.
    • Exit out through the locker rooms, through the lobby, and out through the front door.
  • If changing out of your wet suit:
    • Dry off on pool deck.
    • Mask on before leaving pool deck.
    • Enter the locker room and change out of your wet suit. MASKS MUST REMAIN ON WHILE CHANGING AT ALL TIMES.
      • All changing must be completed within 15 minutes of practice ending. Locker rooms are not a social environment. Locker room privileges can and will be revoked if used inappropriately.
    • Exit out through the locker rooms, through the lobby, and out through the front door.
    • Showers WILL NOT be used by Wahoos Swimmers before, during, or after practice.