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Team Email - July 3 - IMPORTANT

Team Email – 7/1/2020
Welcome to July!

As you know, we are looking to have the entire team (active Tier 1 athletes only) in the water by next week. This is great news, but with access comes significant restrictions due to our quarantine situation.

There is now a CoVid-19 menu on the team website that will be regularly updated with any changes as we go through this process. All trainings and documents will be posted there as well.

1) Eligibility for Practice

a. Please visit our eligibility page on the team website to determine if your athlete is eligible to return to practice at this time.

b. If you are unsure of if your athlete is a current active athlete, please email the Business Manager at

c. We are NOT accepting local transfer athletes at any time this summer.

2) Practice Schedule

a. Practice Schedules are fluid. As we get more pool time, workouts will be added. Please make sure you have synced your phone with the google calendar.

b. Every effort will be made to have the schedule online by Wednesday night of the preceding week, but changes/facility concerns may affect the consistency of the schedule

3) Equipment

a. Athletes must have their own equipment – this includes Kickboards & Pull buoys.

b. Please order from Elsmore team page

4) Travel

a. Please check our Hot Spot Page for our travel policy at this time. It is also a large button on the homepage. 

b. This is a fluid process and local/state/national restrictions may affect travel as we go.

c. Athletes traveling to the hot spot states will need to self-quarantine (not just stay away from workouts, but self-quarantine) for 72 hours after returning home.

d. This may change in the event that the state adopts the city policy of a 14 day quarantine.

5) Waivers

a. Prior to attending any practice – ACTIVE athletes must have both waivers signed on file.

6) Training

a. Prior to attending any in-person practice – ACTIVE athletes must have attended a zoom training. We will look to have a make-up zoom training early next week. It will be posted online and emailed out.  

7) Protocol Reminders

a. Please make sure that your athlete has a comprehensive understanding of Symptoms, Contact and HotSpot travel. These are part of the intake questions at this point and we need to make sure they are answered honestly

b. Please make every effort to educate your athlete on the importance of wearing a mask while in public or while in groups, as well as social distancing and hand washing. MASKS ARE REQUIRED FOR ADMISSION INTO WORKOUT AND ALL ATHLETES MUST WEAR A MASK UPON DEPARTURE.

c. Reminder that all athletes must be picked up within 5 minutes of the conclusion of workout to minimize cross contamination between groups. This is going to be very important in the event that we have a contact or exposure issue and we have to contact trace through our program.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July & see you at the pool next week!