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Swim Team Covid 19 Guidelines


GJY - COVID-19 Swim Practice Guidelines



● Athletes who are ill are not able to attend. Athletes who have had any members in their household ill may not attend for 14 days. Report any illness to your coach so staff can trace and ensure the safety of all athletes.


● Athletes are required to wear a cloth mask into and out of the facility.

● Coaches will wear masks into and out of the building and have sanitizer available. Coaches will keep 6’+ social distancing except in emergency situations.


● Out of caution, the locker rooms will not be available for use as we cannot guarantee that they can be cleaned between each practice group. Athletes are advised to shower when they return home.

●Athletes will be required to enter and leave the facility with their swimsuits on. No changing in the locker rooms and YMCA of the USA Swimming rules also prohibit deck changing.

● Athletes will be allowed to use the restroom in the locker rooms one at a time. YMCA of the USA Swimming recommends using the bathroom before attending practice.


● In order to comply with the CDC and the PA Governing Body, GJY will be running smaller groups than normal. Phase 1 will be a max of 21 athletes and 2 Coaches.

The athletes will be separated in the lanes by one swimmer at each side and one or two athletes separated by at least 6ft in the middle of the pool for start and finish positions.

Athletes who reside in the same household may start from the same end...

● Due to social distancing measures, practices will be One Hour for the summer practice season...


● When you park in the YMCA lot, we recommend you park in a space that allows one empty parking spot on either side of you.


●Athletes are not permitted to loiter in the lobby. They should shower and rinse out their suits at home. Remember to clean off your shoes and any items set down at the facility.


●Due to Social Distancing guidelines, Parents and/or Chaperones will not be permitted to stay and watch athletes during practice.  You should wait in your cars or outside of the YMCA.  If you have a membership you can make a reservation to work out in the YMCA in another workout area.  When athletes are done they will return to the lobby and you can get them there.  Please make sure that you are available to get your child after practice.



●Water bottles must have an athlete’s name on it.  Athletes will be given a kickboards and a pool buoy (if needed) from the bin to take home with them and they must bring it back to practice each time they come. If they forget to bring their equipment back to practice then the athlete will not have equipment to use for that practice.  They are permitted to bring their own kickboard and pool buoy if they have them. Caps and goggles must put on by the athlete themselves. Due to social distancing guidelines coaches are not permitted to help put on athletes cap and goggle.  We will not be handing out goggles or caps. If your child forgets theirs they will be swimming without them that day or will call you to come back and pick them up.