Tritons Return Procedures for Summer 2020

Tritons Return Procedures for Summer 2020

• Start date for Fish & Flying Fish groups: Phase 1 - July 14th

• Anticipated start date for Minnows & Guppies groups: Phase 2 - TBA

• Anticipated start date Polliwog group: Phase 3 - TBA


Safety is our No. 1 priority as we prepare to get back in the water with a modified schedule. Tritons will stay in accordance with all YMCA, state, and local health guidelines. Practice capacity and duration will be limited for all groups, and social distancing – staying six feet apart at all times – will be strictly enforced.

We envision this to be a multi-phase process as we introduce swimmers back to the pool. We will start at the Melrose pool and then to others. The plan outlined here are in Phases. We will not put a timeline on when we will proceed to Phase 2, or what Phase 2 will entail. Instead, we will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Phase 1 accordingly and use this information to develop our next steps.  All coaches and swimmers are required to wear face masks to enter and exit the building.  Coaches will wear face masks on deck except when all swimmers are in the water.  Locker rooms will be off-limits, and bathrooms will be available for emergency use only, one person at a time. Drinking fountains will also be unavailable.  Swimmers will be able to register for days on our website.  Practice days on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. They will be able to choose a time slot.  Drop into practices will not be allowed.  They must sign up.  Cost per practice $13 billed to your YMCA account.  Our plan to reintroduce swimmers to the water depends on everyone’s (athletes, parents, and coaches) cooperation and adherence to our safety protocols. We expect all Triton swimmers, coaches, and parents to practice social distancing both at and away from the pool. By doing this, it shows that you respect your teammates, their families, the coaches, and the YMCA.  If we feel anyone is consistently not adhering to social distancing guidelines (staying six feet away from others, avoiding large gatherings), that swimmer may be temporarily suspended from Triton practices.  The Triton coaching staff and the YMCA also reserves the right to discontinue practices at any time should we feel safety expectations are not being met.



We will be having weekly registrations.  Log into your TeamUnify account, click on the registration link, and pick your days and times.  Refrain to 3 practice slots, so everyone gets an opportunity to swim.  Reminder, swimmers must have an active membership to the YMCA to attend practice.



All swimmers should arrive at the pool in their swimsuit with a full water bottle and an empty bladder.

Swimmers should not bring any items other than those necessary for practice and should not arrive more than ten (10) minutes before the start of their scheduled practice time. If a swimmer (with or without parents) arrives more than 10 minutes before their scheduled practice time, they must wait in their cars until it is time to be admitted. Social gatherings in the parking lots before or after practice is prohibited.  ALL swimmers must enter through the courtyard door, located to the right of the main entrance, staying six feet (6’) apart at all times.  No parents will be allowed in the building before, during, or after practice, to avoid more bodies in the vicinity than necessary. Parents will be expected to practice social distancing when waiting for their swimmer. Again, swimmers will not be using the main entrance.  Late arrivals will not be allowed in, the door will be locked.  Any athlete or coach experiencing any symptoms of fever, recent cough, unusual fatigue, headache, or who has had any exposure to someone who has any symptoms, (which includes family and friends) should remain at home and seek medical treatment. If any athlete or coach with a fever or symptoms of illnesses may not attend practice until 14 days after the fever or symptoms has ceased.  Swimmers and staff must see a physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19. For us all to stay healthy and be able to keep swimming, we ask our swimmers to please practice responsible social distancing (staying 6’ away from others, avoiding large gatherings) when they are away from the pool as well.  A coach will ask each swimmer at the door if he or she has experienced the following within the past 72 hours:


• Cough (unrelated to seasonal allergies)

• Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

• Sore throat

• Severe fatigue

• Nasal congestion (unrelated to seasonal allergies)

• Loss of sense of smell or taste

• Chills

• Loose stools


If the swimmer answers NO to all of the questions, he or she can proceed to the pool, staying 6’ away from the person in front of them. A swimmer answering YES to any of the questions will be sent home.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents who are dropping off their swimmer will need to wait in the parking lot for their swimmer to be admitted before leaving. Swimmers who are not admitted to practice for the health reasons listed will not be allowed in the building.  Admitted swimmers will enter the pool area, 6’ apart, and will leave their backpacks and street clothes on the assigned area and go to their assigned lanes, wearing their face mask until they enter the water. All swimmers should store their face masks in a plastic baggie while they are swimming.



As previously stated, swimmers will pick a day and time slot.  We will begin with Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings,  adding more practices as each phase begin and or the need ask for.  Coaches will wear face masks unless all swimmers are in the water.  Swimmers will need the following items for practice:

• Face mask and a plastic baggie for storage

• Filled water bottle


No equipment will be used at this time.

Two swimmers will be spaced in each lane as follows, and start/finish from these points only:

1. Deep end wall

2. Shallow end wall

Swimmers’ water entries must sit and slide only. No diving.



Once practice is complete, swimmers will put their face masks on and have five to seven minutes to dry off and exit the pool area through the back door of the pool leading to the parking lot. Swimmers will not be allowed to change out of their suits in the locker room. Swimmers must wear their face mask at all times when in the building except when they are in the pool.

Social gatherings in the parking lot before or after practice is prohibited.



Coaches and volunteers will clean and sanitize the pool area and bathrooms as needed including all handles and areas touched by others during the practice.  The next practice group will be allowed into the building approximately ten minutes before their practice time starts.




In the event that a swimmer, or a coach tests positive, the following steps will be taken:

1. The person must let the coaches know immediately.

2. If the person testing positive is a swimmer, his or her lane mates and the swimmers in the lanes next to them on both sides are required to self-isolate for 14 days unless at least 5 days after exposure a negative test result can be shown.

3. If a non-symptomatic swimmer has been in close contact with a person who later is known to have COVID-19, we respectfully ask that swimmer to remain away from the pool after possible exposure for 10 days with a negative test or 14 days from exposure.

4. If someone in a swimmer’s household has symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, we respectfully ask that swimmer to remain away from the pool after possible exposure for 10 days with a negative test or 14 days from exposure.



Repercussions from violations of the COVID-19 Policy and procedures will be at the discretion of the coaching staff and YMCA of Metro North. Repercussions could include but are not limited to the removal of the swimmer from the premises for one practice, one week of practice, or for the remaining part of the season.  No refunds will be provided for swimmers who are removed for behavior issues. Swimmer’s parents will be immediately notified in all cases of violations.


Please email, if you have any questions.