Foxridge Swim Club


Hey Foxes!

We are so excited to be starting our Foxridge Swim Camp tomorrow evening! Our practice schedule for this week is as follows:


7:00-7:45        7-8 year olds

8:00-8:50        9-10 year olds 11-2 year olds

9:00-10:00      13-14 year olds and 15-18 year olds


Please take a few minutes to read our COVID safety protocal on the registration page. It is essential that we are all committed to following these guidelines in order to maintain this activity for our children.

Please remind your swimmer that when they come to the pool each day, they need to:

  • Arrive right on time for practice and be picked up or head home immediately after practice. We will need the pool area to be open and ready for the next group to come in.
  • There are black Xs along the outside of the pool area for swimmers to wait on as they are entering. This will ensure social distancing. We would prefer that swimmers enter the pool area wearing a mask.
  • As swimmers enter, their temperature will be checked. They will also be asked about symptoms, and have their hands sanitized.
  • Swimmers will then be directed to their designated spots to leave the items they bring in. They need to come with their suit on.
  • Please keep your swimmer home if they are feeling sick in any way.


When your swimmer comes tomorrow, they need to be wearing a mask until they are ready to get in the pool. We will be there to collect their registration payment (check or cash). If you want to order a foxridge t-shirt, that will be an additional $10 charge. Tomorrow will be the only day to order the shirts so we can get that order in.  If you would like to order additional Foxridge gear, you can do so at


A few dates to put on your calendar (subject to change) are:

  • July 21 during normal practice times, the coaches will run a version of “Swim Under the Stars.”
  • August 10 we would like to have a culminating activity with a slide show and celebration of accomplishments and our beloved graduating Seniors. More details to come as that day gets closer.
  • August 10-15 will be “Wild Foxes Week.” This will include some of the fun and crazy swim themes that have been part of our swim team summers in the past.



If you have not registered, and would like to, please do so by midnight tonight. We need to carefully plan and make adjustments according to numbers. We look forward to seeing your swimmers at the pool!


Foxridge Parent Reps