Welcome back to GHS - Summer Swim! 7/15


Starting back next week Wednesday, 7/15 we will be welcoming back swimmers on Monday AM, Wednesday AM, Tuesday PM, and/or Thursday PM.  Swimmers ages 5-13 yrs.  Levels 2-5 in lessons & 6+ in SwimAmerica Swim Team(SAST).  No Saturday Swim - as Saturday's at Grafton HS are reserved for deep cleaning this summer.

All online registrations prior to 6/24 needed to be cancelled as days, times and program design all needed to change with GHS capacity notification of 25 only on deck.  If you have questions about your registration or would like confirmation - simply email Jennifer at anytime!  

Space limited to 25 total on deck at any given point.  No parent spectators this summer with limited capacity on deck.  Sign-in & Wellness checks outside under tents.  Children will stay with parents until small groups are called to go on pool deck to swim.  Swimmers will be asked to stay in small groups only at all times while on deck. 

Masks/Shields will be worn by staff.  Children will be separated by at least 1 lane.  We will use sneeze guards inbetween swimmers when we can't keep that distance for safety reasons.

On raining days - we plan to check swimmers in curbside right from your cars - this will allow us to space swimmers out as they try to dodge the raindrops and enter the pool safely.  

We will adjust our best practices this summer as needed.  This is simply our starting point!

SPACE IS LIMITED to 19 swimmers per lesson/practice time.  Register today if you want to reserve your spot!  No payments taken until the first day of lessons, we will provide invoices day 1 after we are BACK in ACTION!

Hope to see you all soon!!!