CONGRATULATIONS to the 1st S&C Challenge Winners!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the first S&C Challenge!!!!


We are so excited that the following swimmers participated in the first S&C Challenge:  Galen, Rachel, Skyler, Jillian, Ryan, Finn, Noah, Zane, Evan, Andrew, Mallory, Liesl, Eli, Claire, Livia, Anna, Eugene, Taylor, Nalan, Sid, Avery, and Luke. There were 748 completed workouts!  Great job!!


The winners for the first S&C Challenge are:

Sr Team:  Galen Martens

PrSr Team:  Finn Thomas

Gold Team:  Mallory Hartono

Silver Team:  Taylor Forteza

Bronze Team:  Eugene Kim


We will get your $50 Visa gift card to you as soon as possible.  Congratulations!!


Now, for phase 2 of the S&C Challenge with Water!!  This challenge will be for 4 weeks only.  You may do either the S&C workout or the water workout or both.  Only one workout will count towards the prize for each group.  The four week prize will be $25 dollar gifts.


If you have any questions please email, text or call me.  Please be safe and follow the CDC guidelines when working out.


Take care and have fun!

Coach Jennie Lou