IES BOD Statement Of Response To National Dialogue on Race and Equity
To All IES Members:

In response to the national dialogue on race and equity that has taken place in recent weeks,
Inland Empire Swimming (IES), in no uncertain terms remains firm and steadfast against
injustice to any individual and we remain committed to ensuring our athletes, coaches, officials
and volunteers are supported, protected and affirmed regardless of race, ethnicity, age,
religion, gender, gender expression and sexual orientation.

Inland Empire Swimming stands in support of USA Swimming’s statement regarding black
athletes and black members of USA swimming when they wrote: “We would be naïve to think
that swimming is not a microcosm of our society. Due to a number of historical events,
including the segregation of pools and limitation of Black swimmers, swimming, like society,
fostered systemic racism. While swimming has come a long way, we acknowledge that our
progress has been much too slow. There is still much work to be done and it will take continued
awareness, advocacy, and hard work in all our communities.”

We condemn racism and discrimination of any kind and we will continue to fulfill our promise
of equity and justice as outlined on our webpage, which states: “Inland Empire Swimming, as a
member LSC of USA Swimming, is committed to a culture of inclusion and opportunity for
people of diverse backgrounds, including, but not limited to, race, age, ethnicity, religion,
gender, gender expression and sexual orientation.”

Inland Empire reaffirms its commitment to our DEI athletes and members and as such will
continue to find ways to use our resources to provide educational opportunities for our

In short, we are hopeful that our continued and increased focus on issues of equity and justice
will equip all of us (athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers) to do their part to create the kind
of safe and equitable community we all deserve. We can and must do better!

Inland Empire Swimming Board of Directors