PST Zoom Meeting #1 Recap

Big thanks to all those who participated in our PST Zoom Meeting #1 Tuesday, July 7. For those of you who were not able to make it here’s a quick rundown of what we went over.


  1. Covid 19 Protocols
    1. Masks – When on deck we must be wearing a mask. Swimmers are to wear a mask anytime they are not in the water.
    2. Social Distancing – Everyone on the deck must stay at least 6 feet away from each other.
    3. If you or your swimmer are not feeling well, take the day off.
    4. Covid City Waivers – All swimmers must have a Covid City Waiver on file with the coaching staff to participate in any swim team activity.
  2. Competition Plan
    1. There are no current Florida Gold Coast (FGC) meets on the calendar in the next couple months.
    2. We will have a Blue/White intersquad meet Saturday, August 8. We are still discussing how exactly we want to run it.
  3. Awards Banquet
    1. We have ordered awards for our yearly Swim Team Banquet and will be coming up with a plan to get our deserving athletes their awards. More info will be coming out on how we will distribute and honor these athletes.
  4. 2020 PST Scholarship Award
    1. Congratulations to Caleb Downey and Andrew Rogatinsky. They were the winners of the PST Scholarship Essay Contest.

There is also a open water race in Boca Raton August 16. We will look into it and get info out soon.