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Team Email - 7-8-2020

Team Email - 7-8-2020

It's been so great to see everyone coming to the pool this week. We look forward to next week when we can have more time available as we open more facilities

1) Schedule will be posted no later than 7p tomorrow. We've been waiting on NTHS to determine what our time availability there will be - as soon as I know, I will get the schedule out onto google and send a tweet/ondeck/sms out as soon as I can.I know a week-to-week schedule isn't ideal, but I really appreciate your patience. This is a bizarre time and the facilities we work with are adapting to the new requirements as we go. Pools are a tricky facility, as there are a lot more elements than just going for a run! We are one of the few teams in the state of Illinois with regular pool time of any kind, and we are ever so grateful for your support to keep this frenzy in the swim! 

2) Those of you returning to workouts - please order, at a minimum, fins, kickboards and pullbuoy and hopefully a snorkel. There is a link on the homepage that will connect you to Elsmore to order those items -  This would also be a good time to order a parka (they can take awhile) as I would anticipate similiar restrictions on locker rooms in the fall and we'll want the kids to be warm as they arrive/leave at workout. Parkas can take a while to arrive, so be on top of that order now! 

3) Website Updates! We have added a CoVid-19 drop-down menu on the website. This has four topics - our training (both a youtube video and a pdf of the slides), a link to our travel/hot spot policy that will be updated along with the city, facts about CoVid-19 as well as eligibility for an invitation to in-water workouts. Also under NEWS menu is a page to our guest speaker series where there are links to the YouTube videos for ALL of our guest talks over the past three months. 

4) The 2020-2021 Season Registration is going to be VERY simple this season. We will have all group placement for both swimming & water polo communicated out by August 1st. In anticipation of future space restrictions at our facilities, all groups will be limited to no more than 24 athletes, with our senior groups restricted to 12/gender. If your athlete is NOT going to participate, we will require an email refusal of your spot on the team by August 15th so that we may offer it to an athlete on the waitlist. 

5) Travel Hot Spot Reminder. If your athlete is going to be traveling to a hotspot location, they will need to be under self-quarantine without symptoms for 72 hours upon return. The current list of hot spot states is: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. International travel is automatically 14-day self-quarantine, regardless of symptoms or negative test. 

Thanks again. Remember to Mask Up, Stay 6ft apart and wash your hands!  
Have a wonderful rest of the week/weekend!

Coach Alexis