Saturday Swim Fun

 Hey Foxes!

It has been a fabulous first week of our Foxridge Swim Club! Everyone seems to be full of Foxridge spirit and so happy to be together! The kids have been arriving ready to get in the pool and wearing their masks as they enter the pool area. Yay Foxes! 

Saturday will be our first Swim Fun Day. The coaches are planning some fun relays, group games, and cheers. They will be asking the swimmers for events they would like to participate in and will create heats for them to race. In order to keep numbers at our required level, we will be dividing Saturday participants into 2 groups and plan for only swimmers to come. We will be in touch Friday to let you know what time your swimmer(s) should be there. 

Please respond to this email by Thursday evening to let us know YES if your swimmer(s) will be participating. This will help us figure out how to divide the groups for Saturday. 

Thank you and GO FOXES!!!