Letter to membership July 9, 2020

Dear Neptune families,


     Hope this email finds you all healthy and in good spirits.   I want to start by saying we miss seeing all of you and we can’t wait until we are all able to swim together again. After months of planning and working closely with city staff, a small portion of Neptune Swimming started swimming on June 15, 2020.  We are strictly adhering to all county safety guidelines.  Thus far we have been lucky and haven’t had any major situations arise.  We are so thankful to our membership for taking these precautions seriously and for the open communication from families to coaches that is necessary to ensure the safety of the swim community.  On June 29, 2020, we were able to add 2 hours a day of Masters swim practice (adult swim team) and that has gone as smooth as can be.  Word in the community is that Ridgway Swim Center is being run efficiently and safely.  Thank you for helping us keep swimming open!!

     We have been working hard trying to add more groups to the program and were ready to launch a “Saturday & Sunday Swims” for a few of the younger groups, however, the increase in Covid 19 cases and the fear that Sonoma County will be placed on the “Watchlist” has forced us to curtail our desires to increase the number of people coming in & out of the facility.  

In all honesty, we have no target dates that we can point to as to when the next phase of our “re-opening” will happen.  We know this is frustrating.  We know your kids might be losing interest in swimming.  It breaks our heart.  We also know that some other sports are opening up and your kids might want to try something else.  We encourage that.  Body movement and activity is far more important at this time of their development than swim practice.   We also understand if you feel the need to contact other local swim teams and inquire if they have any space or availability.  We will try our best to honor your commitment to the Neptunes in the future if you ever desire to return to the Neptunes once we are able to accommodate all of our membership. 

As we’ve all grown accustomed to in this pandemic, things change rapidly and everything is fluid.  As we learn more over the next 2-3 weeks, we will continue safely pushing to add more groups to the programing.  

We appreciate your support immensely and we look forward to the future of Neptune Swimming.