Fitter & Faster IM Racing Camp



Hello Swim Families!   

We have some very exciting news! We have been invited to attend a two-day Fitter and Faster IM Racing Camp in O’Fallon, IL at McKendree on August 22 & 23!   

This camp has been designed to be the best curriculum for where our team is RIGHT NOW so that we can jump back into fast racing with better technique and more confidence.   

Session sizes are very limited to ensure social distancing. We cannot wait for this event and we strongly recommend everyone click the link below to read more about the curriculum and to register ASAP.   

Prices will increase on July 16th!  

CLICK HERE for details and registration  

There will be two sessions each day, one for swimmers ages 11 and under and one for swimmers ages 12 and older. The curriculum for each age group will be  

Swimmers ages 11 & Under

Day 1: Butterfly & Breaststroke Technique

Day 2: Freestyle and Backstroke Technique  

Swimmers ages 12 & Over

Day 1: Butterfly to Backstroke IM Racing, Underwater Dolphin Kicking, and Open Turns

Day 2: Breaststroke to Freestyle IM Racing, Breaststroke Pullouts, and IM Transitions  

Sign up for one or SAVE by signing up for both days!  

See you there!   


Jimmy Tierney
Head Men’s & Women’s Swimming/Diving Coach
McKendree University