Swim Clinics open Monday

I hope to see some of you on Monday. We still have some spots open for the swim clinics and I wanted to outline a few of the things that we are doing to keep the kids and staff safe. We have been working with the county and using CDC recommendations fully to control exposures to one another. The pool will be closed to anyone else during the time that we have practice and we will have the entire pool space for just the swim clinic.

The plan is to have the kids divided into lanes, they will start from both ends. If we have more than 2 in the same lane, at the same end, one will be in the water, and one will be out of the water, more than 6 feet away. When the first swimmer is halfway, then the second swimmer will enter the water feet first to start swimming. When the first swimmer has completed their distance, they are to exit the pool before the second swimmer finishes their lap.
Coaches will be coaching from the long end of the pool (which is not where we typically coach from) Staying more than 10 feet away from the kids at all times, unless wearing both the swimmer and the coaches are wearing masks. 
Kids will be screened and temperatures taken before they are allowed in the building. These practices will have to change in how they are run and how we coach in order to keep everyone safe. We will be focusing on a lot of technique, not a lot of endurance, and a tiny bit of race pace training (short bursts of swimming at fast tempos with perfect technique). 
We will have 2 coaches on deck. One on the long side of the pool and one by the slide. These coaches will be located typically from the inside of the backstroke flags. We will have to speak from these areas and explain things.
I expect that the smaller numbers of kids per lane will increase the kids ability to listen, we have less talking and messing around between the kids, better focus, and the kids are getting more personalized feedback than ever before. I honestly think that even if we have to do this for a full calendar year, by the time this is over, the kids and coaching may be better than anything we have had in the past. I am approaching this season with the idea of making lemonade out of lemons. We are going to make the best of things and come out better than before, I am certain. 
Some Considerations:
1) if kids do not take things seriously then they may not be allowed to continue in the program. Parents can help us with that by preparing their kids in advance. Yes, you may see your friends, but you have to still be distant- and it is hard. And... you have to be socially distant with everyone- even if they are siblings or close friends.
2) Also, we may need to be far more restrictive on the number of kids in the program than ever in the past. We will likely have a limited number of slots for quite a while.
3) We will all have to have a dose of patience incase things get shut down again. We just don't know what the future holds.
4) Masks are required and you should be prepared to wear them before and after... no exceptions.