A Hopeful Return to Swimming during CoVid Pandemic

Swimmers and Families,

The coaches and board members of Taos Swim Club hope that you and your family have been safe and finding ways to stay active and happy this spring and summer.  We have continued to work behind the scenes researching what a safe return to practice might look like, if and when we are granted access to the pool.  The Town has heard our requests and suggestions and have considered them thoughtfully.  At this time they are working towards allowing us to utilize the pool on a very limited basis, despite the Youth and Family Center being closed to the public for the remainder of 2020.  They are very cautious, as we hope they would be.   

The Town of Taos is considering a slow, phased process which will begin with allowing the adult Masters to swim by the end of July under very strict guidelines.  If all goes well, we will work our way down starting with the Silver and Gold team, then Bronze and Stroke School and finally our Learn to Swim Program.  All of this, of course, depends on the progression of the CoVid virus and whether our safety measures appear to be effective and realistic.   There is no way to predict how quickly we will be able to add the younger teams.  We all need to be patient and safe, despite wanting to get our feet wet and missing the familiar smell of chlorine and our teammates. 

We will keep you up-dated when there is more to tell.  Until then, stay safe and stay active. 

Missing you all and hopeful for future swims!!