GOAL Private Lessons at Westgate in July/August

GOAL’s expert coaching staff is available to provide private lessons support to all GOAL swimmers in July and early August at Westgate Pool (outdoor private neighborhood pool at 8233 Grover St.).   While we believe your swimmer should be getting the feedback and attention they deserve in every practice, we know some swimmers want more than we can provide at a typical practice.   The 30-min. lessons are excellent for helping get a swimmer "unstuck" with a technique they've been trying to master.  We can address stroke technique, work on starts, racing strategy, etc. We’ll address whatever is on your mind.

You can register for the lessons now on the GOAL website by clicking on the GOAL Swim School button, then click on GOAL Private Lessons (at the bottom of that page).  Lessons are reserved by payong with credit card on the GOAL website, and the one-on-one lessons range from $40 to $50.

Lessons start on Tuesday July 14.  The weekday times are on Tue/Thur at 9:50, 10:20, 10:50 & 11:20 AM with Coach Tom Beck, on Tue/Thur 10:20, 10:50 & 11:20 AM with Coach Ben Butler, and on Tue/Thur 10:50 & 11:20 AM with Coaches Becky Yungbluth and Bella Beck.  

Though you are able to select the coach you would like to sign up with, it can be an advantage to do a lesson with the coach with whom your child with be working with on a regular basis.  Therefore, Penguin groupers wanting private lessons are encouraged to sign up for classes with Coach Bella Beck, Dolphins & Piranhas (or Seniors) with Coach Becky Yungbluth, Sharks with Coach Ben Butler, and Seniors or SrNats with Coach Tom Beck.

Lesson days/times:

Tue/Thur July 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30,  Aug. 4 & 6   9:50, 10:20, 10:50, 11:20 w/Coach Tom; 10:50, 11:20 w/Coach Bella 10:50, 11:20 w/Coach Becky

Tue/Thur. July 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30  10:20, 10:50, 11:20 AM w/Coach Ben.