Return to Swim: Zoom Meetings


Dear Parents/Swimmers,


We are very excited that our swimmers will be able to resume their swim training next week. In order to prepare, please go to the Mallards Website, under Events, choose a Zoom meeting. There are two meetings, one on Thursday evening and one on Saturday morning. 


This meeting is mandatory and needs to be attended by every swimmer and at least one parent/guardian.


The meeting will include:

  • Introduction 

  • Walk Through Rules & Procedures

  • Checklist of requirements 

  • Q&A 

  • Acknowledgement Statement on Mallards website

Please print the document on the second page for you to refer to during the presentation. Once the meeting is complete, one parent/guardian and a swimmer need to sign the document and return to Silvia, at before returning to practice next week.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.

The Mallards Swim Team


Mallards’ Return to Swim:

Parent/Swimmer Agreement


I understand that:


- I need to conduct a COVID 19 self-assessment to determine if any symptoms are present prior to arriving at practice.

- If I feel unwell, I will NOT attend practice.

- I will shower with soap and water prior to leaving my house.

- I will change into my training suit at home and wear light clothes that are easy to remove.

- The change rooms will NOT be made available to me.

- I will only bring equipment that I need to train. Equipment will NOT be available at the pool. No sharing of equipment.

- As a parent, I will park only in the designated area in the south parking lot.

- Only the athlete is allowed to enter, through the EAST entrance. Parents and other guardians will NOT be allowed to enter.

- No spectators will be allowed.

- Our club will be given a 15 minute window in which to enter. If I am late, I will NOT be allowed to enter.

- I will line up outside of the East entrance and only be allowed to enter once my coach arrives.

- I will be screened once I enter.

- Once I pass the screening, I will use hand sanitizer.

- I will store my belongings in the bin the pool provides for me. I will need to wipe this bin down afterwards.

- When finished swimming, I will wipe down, put on my clothes (not change on deck) and exit using the WEST exit.

- I will be required to wear at a minimum a cloth or non-medical mask

during the entering and exiting of facility, and moving throughout the facility.

- if Covid-19 symptoms are experienced, I should immediately get a test, discontinue any practices and report any positive results back to the club.


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