Swim Team News July 15


Swim Team News July 15, 2020


Another week down…


Thank you everyone for adjusting to our workout time shift. Kids are still getting the same water time, and we’ve also have opened up more slots for family and lap swim. Thanks also to Corey for helping us navigate this crazy summer!


Safety Reminders

Great job with the masks and staying safe. Coaches have been reminding swimmers (both on the pool deck and at dryland) about social distancing. Even when you have your mask on please stay at least 6’ apart from your friends. 


Registration Issues

Double check the workout times for this Friday. I had some mistakes in both last week’s email, and on some of the Team Unify practice registration time windows. Let me know if my “fixes” have created any problems for you.


Also please remember to wait until after you receive this email to claim any extra workout spots for Thursday or Friday. Getting a 3rd workout is great, but we do want every swimmer to have a fair chance at reserving one of these spots.  People aren’t shy about letting me know which folks are “clicking in” too early…


Final Time Trials and Races

Starting the week of July 27th, we’re hoping to create some closer races by “seeding” our practices. These will be some of our final races of the season and we want our kids to really push each other! These are also the final times that will be submitted to the GSSSL for a “virtual championship” final meet. More details on this, and how to choose your final events, will come in next week’s email.

Our season is scheduled to finish on August 7th.


Dryland Update 

Can you beat your kid up the pipeline trail?

Top Three Times - 

Micah Nambo - 2:13

Crosby Clasen - 2:23

Alexis Anderson - 2:24


Stay safe -


Coach Matt