We're BACK!!!

7/15 - We opened our doors for summer swim!  

We were calculated and measured with our re-opening and we're happy to report we found smiles all around!

Check out our Facebook page as we plan to post pics and videos all summer!

Teachers are wearing their face shields, Little ones are divided by sneeze guards to separate them & the older swimmers are divided by a lane width apart.  Pool capacity limited to 25 people ONLY(Far cry from a Saturday lesson with over 200 at any one point).  We are signing in under tents outdoors, parents are hanging out outside. Wellness screenings are now apart of our sign-in process each day to include a quick questionaire and temperature check.

We all wondered if it could be done safely, and I'm here to report - YES, it can be done! 

We still have openings online.

Lessons:  Tues and/or Thursday 4:30pm. Mon and/or Wed 9:45 & 10:30am

It's not too late to register!  Jump in and let's get back to some "New Normal Swimming"!!

We will be opening up another few weeks into August - after we get confirmation from GHS when we can get in.