Weekend Swim Meet and Practice schedule ?July 17 & 18, 2020

Weekend Swim Meet and Practice schedule –July 17 & 18, 2020

Friday, July 17 is the 13 and over swim meet – time trials at BASH – Outside pool.

Senior 1 – warm up 6:30-6:50 AM

Senior 2 & 3, plus all other 13 and over swimmers– warm up 6:50 – 7:10 AM

Meet at 7:20 AM – estimated finish is 8:15 AM with about 45 seconds between races.

We have 47 BASH swimmers, swimming 36 heats of races

We will have time to then run a time trial for 100 Free – sign up Saturday AM if interested.

8:30-9 AM for the 100 Freestyle races.

Friday at 9 AM – AG 1 regular practice

Friday at 11 AM – AG 2 & 3 regular practice.

Friday at 5 PM – Sr 1 practice

Friday at 6 PM – AG 1 practice

Saturday, July 18 is the 12 and under swim meet – time trial at BASH – Outside pool.

AG 1 – warm up 7:30-7:50 AM

AG 2 & 3 & 4 – warm up 7:50-8:10 AM

Meet at 8:10 AM – estimated finish is 9:15 Am with 45 seconds between races.

We have 37 swimmers, swimming 26 heats of races.

We will have time to run a time trial for 100 Free – sign up at the meet Saturday AM


Both days of the meet –swimmers and parents must check in at the main desk – get temperature checked, etc. Wear mask! Social Distance and all other rule will be followed.

Swimmers will wear their masks, except when walking to the start of their race and then back to their belonging at the end of each race. Parents, official, and coaches will wear masks throughout the meet.

We will keep our distances, reduce sharing or using any item by more than one person (no paperwork, etc.)

Swimmers will line up behind their lanes, only 2 deep, 6 feet apart, cones will mark off the distances.

Also – all swimmers and Families – please be sure you are paying attention to who you are around and where you go outside of practice at the Y. Example- if going on vacation, you must sit out a while if you think you had any contact with a positive Covid 19 infected person! Please error on the safe side, we don’t want to have to shut down a swim group or the whole team if we get a case of one of our swimmers getting infected. Social Distance- Wash hands – Wear mask – Be Responsible!