Safe Sport Webinars

USA swimming is continuing their Safe sport initiative by holding safesport webinars for swimmers, parents and coaches. We (SST) are committed to promoting a safe environment for all our swimmers to achieve their goals. These meetings are a great addition toward creating that environment. As an added bonus, for July ONLY, if you still need volunteer hours from the short course season you can get 2 hours for both a parent and swimmer 4 total per family. (email Nick and Kristyne when complete if you need volunteer credit)  

During this unexpected shutdown Coach Kristyne has been hard at work getting the team safe sport recognized. As part of this we need 10% of both our parents and swimmers to attend a safe sport webinar. They only last about 1 hour and it will be a great help to the team. Be sure to let me know your LSC: MI, and Team: SST or we will not get credit. 

July 2020 training schedule:

Parent Trainings:

Athlete Trainings (12-18 years old):