NM Swimming Diversity Camp to be help Sept 12 - Apply Now (or by Aug 3)


Coaches, Parent, Athletes and NMS team reps, attached are the forms for the NMS Diversity camp to be held at the UNM Seidler Natatorium on Saturday, September 12.  Please read all the forms and distribute to your qualified athletes.
4 girls and 4 boys from each age group (11, 12, 13, and 14 year olds) will be selected based on IMX scores.  Athletes must be from a diverse or minority background.
The last Diversity camp (2 years ago), all athletes who submitted applications were accepted since the 32 athlete spots was not full.
There is also a coaches' application - I would welcome any other coaches to help!
This is a one day camp.  I would like all applications returned to me by August 3 so I can get t-shirts and coaches shirts.
There is a possibility that the  camp could be postponed again (the original date was April 11, 2020) due to restrictions from the Covid 19 pandemic.  If that is the case, I will see if a date in mid April 2021 is available at UNM, and re-send updated forms in January 2021.
Thanks, Doug