Protocol for Swim Practice during CoVid 19 Pandemic Resrictions

Protocol for Swim Practice During CoVid 19 Pandemic Restrictions

As of July 20th, 2020

(Subject to change)


Dear Masters Swimmers, 


We are waiting for the final go-ahead to get back in the water and are very grateful that the Town of Taos has granted us the opportunity to swim in their closed facility.  We will notify you of our official start date soon. It is an honor we do not take lightly.  We need to follow this protocol to a T in order to stay safe and to keep this privilege.  If it goes well, we hope to be able to gradually add our competitive youth teams, and perhaps eventually our Learn to Swim.  It all begins with us.  So here goes:


Before you swim:


  1. Sign up for a practice time and day(s).  Most of you have done this through Kat.  We will also be asking for the number of your Town of Taos swim card so that the Town can run your number without us having to individually use their card scanner.  If you are not able to come to one of your days, let us know as soon as possible.  If you wake up the morning of a practice and do not feel well, send a text to Kat (575) 779-0005 and Greta (575)779-3648 or call so that we can attempt to fill your lane.


2. Go to our website by either googling “Taos Swim Club - Team Unify” or by clicking this link:  

Click the Adult Masters tab and you will find two registration forms that need to be up-dated in order for you to swim again for the first time.  One is a liability waiver made specifically to address the dangers of CoVid exposure, and the second is an updated contact information, medical, and emergency contact form.  These forms need to be printed, filled out, and brought with you to your first day of practice, or you cannot swim.  


  1. If you are registered with the Taos team of USMS then we do not need a copy of your card, but if you are registered with another team for some reason or unattached, we will need you to provide a copy of your current USMS membership. 


  1. Before your first day of practice you will be assigned a pool lane with an associated parking spot and pool-side chair to put your belongings on.



Swim Day:


  1.  Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your designated swim time.  If you happen to get there before that, stay in your vehicle.  Do not get out and congregate with others who are waiting in the parking lot.  Park in the parking spot that has your number on it. 


  1. With a CoVid prevention mask and your swimsuit on, approach the east-side door of the pool entrance through the pool-garden patio archway.  It is fine to have clothing over your suit, but we will not have access to a locker room to change and changing on the deck is not permitted. There will be marks on the concrete to show you where to stand 6 feet apart while you wait  to be screened.  You must wear your mask at all times, except when you are in the water. 


  1. On the first day, you will turn in your CoVid liability waiver and medical form and USMS membership card.  Each swimmer will be asked a series of safety questions each day regarding physical symptoms, CoVid exposure, and travel, along with being screened for a fever with a no-contact thermometer.  If there is any concern about possible CoVid symptoms, CoVid exposure, or travel outside of NM in the past 2 weeks, you will not be permitted to enter the pool.   


  1. If you pass your screen, you will enter the building and place your belongings on the chair that corresponds to your lane number.  Odd numbered lanes (1, 3, 5, 7) will have numbered chairs near the shallow end.  Even numbered lanes (2, 4, 6, 8) will have numbered chairs near the deep end.  


  1. You will enter the pool at your designated end, directly into your lane. If you need the hand-rail stairs to enter and exit the pool, we will have assigned you to an accessible lane.  You will need to bring all of your own equipment.  If you need to purchase swim equipment that is not available locally, it is advantageous for the team if you use SwimOutlet, as we get a percentage back on all sales if you use this link:     


  1. The workout will be posted at both ends of the pool along with a time-clock.  Craig will be at one end and a volunteer lifeguard will be at the other end.  They may switch during the workout so that every swimmer gets direct feedback from Craig.  


  1. During the workout, you will only stop at the wall where you entered the pool, except if you are choking or have another emergency that requires you to stop at the other end.


  1. When you are finished with your workout.  Exit the pool at your designated end and proceed directly to your chair to get your things.  Dry your face and put your mask on before putting other articles of clothing/shoes on. 


  1. Exit the building from the West door located at the deep end of the pool near Lane 8.  


  1.   As when you arrived, do not congregate in the parking lot to visit.  The Town is concerned about this and we want everything to go very smooth.  


  1. Celebrate our return to the water!


Swim day Checklist:

⃞   CoVid liability waiver, found on our website

⃞   Medical form, found on our website

⃞   USMS membership card, if you were notified we need it

⃞   Face covering CoVid Mask

⃞   Swim equipment optional:  fins, kickboard, paddles ( team equipment not available)

⃞   Water bottle,(fountains not available)

⃞   Swimsuit worn

⃞   Personal items:  Towel, cap, goggles, etc