NAAC 2020-21 Season Registration Info

 NAAC 2020-21 Season Registration Info


NAAC is currently closed for 2020-21 Season Registration, with all groups at capacity. 

We will evaluate our groups and group numbers as we move through August and into September for any possible groups spots and will post to our Homepage.  We will notify any of our wait list swimmers & families if we have space per their swimmers group, and any newly interested families please check our Homepage regularly for any updates - we will post registration updates to our News Feed!

We will send emails to wait list Families IN ORDER as we are aware of openings per group (potentially late Aug-early Sept).  Once you receive an email that we have an opening for your swimmer’s group you will have only 12 hours to respond.  We apologize in advance that we will not have room for all of our wait listed swimmers.

Accepted 2020-21 Season Registrations approved 1st week of August

Please review our current posted Team & Group info HERE.  Wait list order protocol is as noted here:

“Possible August or September 2020-21 Registrations will be accepted based upon residency and wait list criteria.

And as well, our Financial Agreement posted HERE, and of special note:

“There is a 2 week “trial” period for each swimmer from the start of their group’s first official practice date IF that group does not have a wait list for 2020-21.  If there is a group wait list upon registration we WILL NOT offer a "trial" period, but will expect payment in full as noted above (whether paying in-full or a monthly option).  After this 2 week "trial" period for non-wait listed groups NAAC will expect payment for the group fees registered for per swimmer (whether paying in-full or a monthly option).”

Thanks again for considering NAAC, and if you have any questions please let us know.  We had over 200 returning swimmers from our 2019-20 season during Tier One registration, and over 250 swimmers total registered for the 2020-21 season as of the end of July.  We truly wish we could accommodate all interested swimmers for the coming season.   

Updated Summer Protocols as of 7-24 are posted HERE for your reference, and we expect to have similar protocols in place once we begin the 2020-21 swim season. 

There will be challenges to the coming season, and we are looking forward to meeting those challenges head on through appropriate logistics, strategies and tactics, and of course for our swimmers through Having Fun, Learning & Competing!