To All Team Members From The Past 19/20 Swim Seasons Regardless If You're Swimming With Us This Summer or Not,

  We hope all finds you and yours safe and healthy in these times. We are fast and furious into planning the upcoming Fall/Winter season as we await word from our facilities on the status of everything. As quickly as possible we need to know whether or not you are planning on returning to swim with us for 2 reasons...

1 - The first is so that we can better strategize our training schedule for the upcoming season. From water time to dryland time this will help us better project our needs at each level.

2 - The second is that we have many new swimmers wanting to know if we have a place for them on our team this upcoming season and we wish to give them an answer as quickly as possible. Many of these swimmers are coming in from various other teams but still many more are brand new to the sport.

We'd like to hear from you (each and every past team member from the Fall/Winter season) as to what your plans are

by Friday, July 31st!

A simple "yes we are planning on swimming this fall/winter with you" or the opposite response will suffice. Based on the positive responses we receive we will determine the number of open positions remaining on the team and then start committing to these new families for these open training positions that we plan on having.

Thanks everyone for being a part of our TEAM!