Swim Team News July 22


Swim Team News 7/22/2020


Time does fly…


Only two more weeks of our season!


As strange as it has been, this really is a season to remember. We’re lucky to have been able to run practices and work with the kids. Everyone - kids, coaches, and parents really needed this. Things almost seem normal when we’re at the pool. Except those masks and that 6 foot thing...And lots of hand sanitizer as well!


Aqua Club “Finals”  - July 27-30

Seeded Practice Weeks - Must Register to Participate

Our last two week of swim team will include our final races. The workouts will be ability based so that we can seed or create races that are fair and appropriate for every swimmer. You must declare if you are participating for these two weeks so that we can efficiently plan our workouts and races. Workouts will still be held on the same days and the same basic time frame for each age group as they have been. Your assigned specific workout times will be shared after the races are seeded. You’ll need to click the "Attend/Decline" button on the Finals Week 1 event info page to clarify if your child plans on attending workouts July 27-30. If you forget to register, we won’t be able to enter your swimmers!


Virtual GSSSL All-City Champs - July 31-August 4

Swimmers that attain a Prelims time are invited to participate in the GSSSL “Virtual All-City” Championships. You’ll register for this meet next week and also be able to pick up to three (3) individual events to race. Remember - you can only enter events that you’ve qualified in. Non-qualifier swimmers will still participate in our races, but those times will not be submitted to the GSSSL. Additional details will be in next week’s email.


Aqua Club Finals #2 - August 5-7.

Not exactly sure what we’ll do these days - but we’ll work and have some fun! The coaches are working on some creative ways to finish out the season. Details next week.


Senior Night “Day” 8/31

Sadly, we’ll be saying goodbye to six long-time Seniors this season. Sorry that the year wasn’t “normal” but we’re still hoping to make it special! Tentative plans include a call up to the blocks, the blue towel, and of course - event #73. We also plan on recording the ceremony and posting it so that everyone else can enjoy the festivities. More details next week!


Best Times

Wonder how your child is doing? All individual swims from this year (and previous years) are available on our website. It’s a great way to track progress and measure improvement. 


Three places to find swim team results -

-My Account/My Meet Results (must be logged in). All swims by members of your family.


-Swim Team Tab/Top Ten 2020 (must be logged in). Top ten from our workout time trial races! See if you can climb the chart!


-GSSSL Website - Meet Results. Swims from all 14 participating teams that are within 5 seconds of prelims are listed.


Dryland Records

Top times for the Pipeline Run!

Daniel B (10) - 1:50

Pete Y (17) - 1:53

Matteo Dykstra (14) - 1:58


Zoom Meeting 

Our coaches have set up an informational weekly zoom call that will pertain to swimming related topics for the final weeks of the season. Josie and Maddie plan on leading a zoom call at 6pm on Thursdays. Some information that will be covered includes but is not limited to: nutrition, swim meet preparation, short/long term goal-setting, and how to stay motivated in the off season. This is a free opportunity for families and strictly informational. The intended audience for the meeting is swimmers, but parents are welcome to join! Our goal is to motivate your swimmer. We hope you will be able to join in these sessions! Look for more information soon in the “Events” section of the Aqua Club website.