Aulea Weekly Update

 Aloha all,

There are no practice for any groups tomorrow due to Hurricane Douglas.  Stay safe everyone.  Here is the schedule for next week:

Here are some other announcements:

1) This is the final week of swim school.  We will set up a beach get together/practice next week to handout report cards and have a small potluck.  Great job swim school!  We will have a mini meet this Wednesday!

2) Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum will be taking a break the first week of August.  Junior and Senior will be going on break during the second week of August.  This is a shortened version of our annual break.  We will be doing 2020-2021 seasoal registration the week after that.

3) We have decided to postpone the team banquet for now.  We may end up with small group get togethers instead or reschedule for the fall depending on what is happening at the time.  We will be utilizing outdoor spaces for any events we do plan.  Thanks for all your patience.

Happy streamlines and Go Aulea!

Coach Joe