Return to City Pools

 Just an update on the situation regarding swim clubs within Vancouver.  We continue to push to get answers but NO ONE is giving us any.  Correspondence has been sent out to various members of the Parks Board as well as the City of Vancouver but we have yet to receive ONE REPLY.  It is frustrating and most evidence on swimming and pools lead us to believe it is one of the safer sports but still with regulations to follow.

We understand everyone's frustration in not having any type of answer to our questions and we have had articles in the CBC.CA as well as the province and our message to our members is to keep putting pressure on the City and Parks Board to get rental groups back in the water soon!

We know that we will not be in the water until at least September, hopefully, but again, everyone needs to keep writing letters to these Park Board members as well as city councillors so we can get some answers.  There are many pools open throughout the province with clubs utilizing them and we believe it is a mandate for our city to run these pools, just like arenas, softball parks and soccer fields that utilize rentals to help subsidize their overall budget.  Budgets are usually set up in January so these pools should be open for use based on budgets that have been approved already.


We are not the only club in this situation and Surrey has had pressure as well to open in September and now state that they may do so.  We are hoping that our city does the same so we can start to plan the new season!