GHS Team News

Dear G.H.S. swim family, 

I would like to inform the team of some coaching changes this season.  As the head coach of G.H.S. for the last 34 years it has truly been a pleasure to develop and build our team into a contender on all levels.  We have won state titles both in the classroom and the pool. Living through these unusual times has forced us all to make big changes in our lives in all areas. At this time I will be stepping down as head coach and will remain with the team as an assistant coach.  Moving forward I feel Coach Leonard Kraus a current and long time U.S.A. club coach and our assistant coach last year, can provide the safest way to move forward with the challenges before us.  I thank everybody for your support over the years helping to build our program into one of the top high school teams in the state.  I look forward to working with Coach Kraus and the team for at least two more years to come.  Coach Rob Ramirez.     GO CANES!!