Safe Sport Trainings

Safe Sport Online Trainings Free & Open for ATST Parents and Athletes - 


ATST fully endorses and supports USA Swimming’s Safe Sport and Safety programs by helping to provide countless resources for our club members on Team Unify:

Our goal as a team is to join our fellow New England USA Swim Teams as being “Safe Sport Recognized” and currently these teams include: BGSC-SEEK, CLIP, CRIM-ANDOVER, CRIM-WELLESLEY,  ESC, GMA, HAY, MTSC. MWYS, NANT, NSSC, ORO, SAIL, SNAP, SOLO-Exeter, USC, YNS. 

In order to do this, certain requirements must be met: one of which includes learning exercises for our swim parents and athletes. Our coaches, safe sport team leaders and officials complete this training yearly, but we need all of our swim parents and athletes to take a short course with USA Swimming. 

USA Swimming will track the number of people that take the quick online training program from our team and we will be awarded points based on our completion rate. The more parents and swimmers who participate - the better!  

Please help our team by taking a few minutes to complete a training that will help to protect our swimmers and help us work our way towards becoming Safe Sport Recognized! There are “in-person” Zoom options offered this week and online courses open and available anytime. Details can be found below. 

Option 1: Zoom Training Led by Safe Sport Officials in New England Swimming


If you attend a parent or athlete zoom, attendance will be logged so that your individual course completion will be added to the ATST log of participants. 


Option 2: USA Swimming Online Training Course


  • Go to the education pages at USA Swimming -
  • Parents should select the link for Non Member Access.
  • Swimmers, officials and coaches should select USA Member Access.
  • Please click “Register”
  • On the right, please click “Create Account” for Non-Member access to LEARN
  • Please fill in all of the required personal information and be sure to select “New England Swimming as your LSC and "ATST" for your club.
  • Select “Courses”
  • Click the “Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport” or “Safe Sport for Athletes” box and follow the directions until completion.

Thank you all for your help in this effort! This is an important program for USA Swimming and for our team.