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Masters New Update Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Masters Weekly Announcements
Wednesday, July 29, 2020 

1.  Swim Tip
2.  USMS 2K Team Results
3.  New Coach on Deck
4.  Quote of the Day



Your Weekly Swim Tip


The goal of a "feel good" swim is to make the sensations you get on a hard set feel good, rather than bad. The idea of "feel good" is to experience the sensations you get when swimming hard in a new and non-threatening light.

When you think about it- the only thing that makes a hard set feel bad is when you think it "hurts". The sensations themselves can easily be interesting or even pleasant. When you perceive them as unpleasant, it is because you think they "hurt".

You feel them. They catch your attention. They can be intense. But they don't have to hurt or be experienced as painful if you label them otherwise and understand that there is no impending or actual biological damage.

These sensations will signal biological growth through adaptation.

Experience the discomfort as something good. Make it a "feel-good" experience. Seek out these sensations.

Make them happen. Notice them. Then, make a point to adapt to this new "feel-good" style in your swimming



2020 SmartyPants Vitamins USMS Summer Fitness Challenge ? Results


Congratulations to all the swimmers who signed up and swam the 2K!!!

Kelli Cavaliero
Van Cochran  
Joanne Corrao
Diana Dolan LaMar
Jaime Greer    
Tammy Mills   
Barbara Moore Barnett   
Christopher Schubert     
Laura Smith    
Frank Walker  
Alena Zikova  
Isabel Zippel   

If you swam the 2K there is still time to sign up and be on our TEAM LIST! 

Sign up here


New Coach on Deck

Please help welcome our latest addition to our Masters Coaching Staff ? El Yellin

El is from Mission Viejo, California. She swam 13 years for the Mission Viejo Nadadores, reaching their senior-level national team. She then moved to Texas to swim for the SMU Mustangs for all four years of college. She was the SMU Women's Team Captain and scored at the AAC Championships every year. She also served as SAAC President and led her fellow student-athlete body in community service events, and as a voice to the administration.

El earned her B.S. in Sports Management and B.A. in Psychology from SMU in 2019, and an M.S. in Sports Management in 2020. El has held various coaching positions from MVN satellite to Dallas summer league to Masters!   El started coaching for Dallas Aquatic Masters in 2019 and has returned home to her MVN roots to embrace the Masters team.  

El is pursuing a career in the Olympic/Paralympic Movement through marketing partnerships. Of course, she will always stay in the water and helping out on deck whenever possible.



Quote of the Day   

 "To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them."  -Picabo Street



-Coach Mark  





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