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Good Afternoon Tanterra!

We are extremely pleased and excited to tell you that we have found a way to make the dive clinics happen!!!  We would like to thank Jim Cagley and Wayne Johnson for working diligently with us to find a solution to the dive insurance issues. We also want to thank Doug Beavers of Montgomery Dive Club (MDC) for his guidance as well. Their help was invaluable in this process and we truly hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity that we have worked so hard to bring you.

We have registered Tanterra Dive as a club through AAU Sports. As a result we are covered under their extensive liability policy as of today!  What that means is that each diver will need to register as a member of the Tanterra Tarpons Dive Club and pay a $14 membership fee. That will automatically provide your diver coverage under the Tanterra Dive Club’s AAU insurance policy through August 31. It’s super easy and fast! 

Here’s all you need to do: 

  • Click to go directly to the Youth Athlete Registration Page: Join AAU As Youth Athlete   There you will fill in the following:

    • Choose Sport (Diving)

    • Choose Coverage (Regular $14)

    • Choose Term (Current Membership Expires 8/31/2020)

    • Are they a member of a club? YES

    • Choose Tanterra: Club Code: WYD8T6

    • Fill out the rest of the form as instructed and check out.

If that doesn’t take you to that page go to the AAU page by clicking here:  Join AAU Sports

  • Click on: Get A Membership

  • Click on the Right hand side “Apply for Youth Athlete Membership”

  • Click on Green “Get A Membership”, then click on “Youth Athletic Membership”

  • Follow all the directions above.

After you do that you can sign up for a dive clinic. Please read the following:

Dive Clinic Procedures

Tanterra Covid Waiver  (read, sign and turn in to Rep or Coaches on 1st Clinic day)

Tanterra Dive Clinics SignUp Genius

Because of timing we will begin by offering 3 one-week clinics. The cost of the clinics are $25/per diver each week. We hope to add a 4th week and we will let you know if that will be possible very soon.  We will start our first session on Monday, August 3. Session 2 will start on Monday Aug. 10 and Session 3 will start on Monday  Aug. 17. Times are the same as they were previously.   

Thank you for all your patience, flexibility, and most importantly - your support! We look forward to working on your technique and having a lot of fun! We hope to see you soon!

~ Coaches Ben, Lucy and Lilly

~ Reps Susan Ostrinsky & Carolyn Simpkins