Covid19 Workout Safety Plan

HRVST Return to the Pool Plan – Covid19

We are mindful that swimmer, coach and staff safety is our priority in resuming organized practices. As we begin this summer, we have instituted policies that will promote swimmer, coach and staff safety in this time of Covid19.  As regulations change, these policies will adapt to current standards. 


PreWorkout Health Screening

Each swimmer and parent will certify the following before entering the facility:

  • I agree that if I have a fever, cough, feel short of breath or am experiencing any

other symptoms or have knowingly been exposed to a communicable disease

such as COVID-19 or have traveled to or from a highly impacted area,I will not

attend any workouts for at least two weeks after exposure or symptoms

have subsided or I have returned from a highly impacted area. 

  •  In addition, if I discover I have been exposed to a suspected or positive case of COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19, I will notify the coach or club administrator immediately.


Swimmer Arrival 

  • Families will sign up on-line for their swim time.

  • Swimmers will arrive and enter the buildingas the HRVPRD directs them.

  • Swimmers will arrive in their swimsuits, and walk through the locker room on arrival without stopping.

  • Please follow the ‘swimmer flow’ map in order to minimize contact as arriving/leaving. (stay to the right)

  • Swimmers will keep social distance and stay a minimum of 6 feet apart and have a mask on at all times until they are ready to begin their workout. 

  • Swimmers will place gear in designated location on deck.  There will be no sharing of personal equipment. There will be no storage of your equipment at the pool at this time. 

  • Swimmers can utilize the kickboards and pull buoys that the pool owns. They will be sanitized after workout.

  • Swimmers will be able to utilize the restroom as needed.

  • When ready to enter the pool, swimmers can then take their mask off, get their gear, and enter their designated lane.

During practice

  • Swimmers during the opening phase will swim with a maximum of two swimmers per lane in the Seals and Dolphins groups.

  • Each swimmer will start from opposite sides of the pool, stay on their side of the lane, and will never stop at the same side together with their lane mate.

  • During the next phase, additional swimmers may be added according to distance requirements set forth by the CDC and OHA.

  • In the Sharks, if there is more than 2 swimmers in the lane, markers will be placed on the deck to show swimmers where to start/stop. Markers will be more than 6 feet apart. Swimmers will never stop at the end of the pool with anyone else in their lane in order to maintain social distance at all times.

  • Swimmers will only use their own gear, and will never share water bottles or any other object with their teammates.

After practice

  • Swimmers will exit the pool when their workout is finished, dry off on deck, and leave the building through the side door nearest the Fire Station.

  • Swimmers will leave individually to prevent a group from leaving together.

  • There will not be any congregating allowed in the building or outside the pool building. Swimmers will keep their masks on until they get into their car for the drive home. Swimmers are not to stand or sit less than 6 feet apart when they wait for their ride home.

  • All swimmers need to be out of the building 10 minutes after their workout end.

Practice Notes

  • Any swimmer that does not follow social distance guidelines of 6 ft apart will be reminded to do so.  If a swimmer does not follow guidelines, they may be required to take a break from the team until they are able to keep their teammates and coaches safe.

Coaches Protocol

  • Coaches will enter the pool in a mask and keep it on as required by state regulations, and maintain social distance of 6 ft from others.

  • If whiteboard is being used to help give the workout, swimmers should not touch it. 

  • Coaches will not touch swimmers (except in medical emergency), swimmers’ gear or refill water bottles

  • Coaches will not hand out extra goggles or caps to swimmers. All swimmers must bring their own gear.

Parent Protocol

  • Parents will ensure that their athletes have passed the pre workout health screening before they drop their athlete off at the pool.  This is to be done daily to ensure the safety of other athletes, coaches and pool staff.

  • In order to keep numbers down in the pool venue, parent access into the pool will be limited. The HRVPRD is asking parents to drop off and help their swimmer only as needed, leave the premises and wait in car for swimmers for pick up. The top will be off the pool, so parents can also walk along the south side of the pool and watch the workout as desired. Please do not use Meyer Parkway (the fire station parking and emergency right of way) for pick up.

  • Parents in the facility will wear a mask and keep social distance of 6 feet apart from any swimmers, coaches, other parents and staff in the facility.

  • Parents will continue to park in the pool parking lot and arrive at the time practice ends in order to minimize the ability for swimmers to congregate. Swimmers must exit the facility within 10 minutes of the workout end time.