Extended Summer Swim Schedule - Update

Hi All,

I hope everyone enjoyed some time away from the pool. It’s important that we take some time and let our minds and bodies recover from the stresses put on them throughout the course of a season. As Stephen Covey stated in his masterful book, “The Seven Habits of highly Successful People”, we must take time to “sharpen the saw”. I hope the swimmers are ready to take on the upcoming season with renewed purpose and passion.

Let’s be real. Youth sports are going to look different moving forward. We are not sure how it will change, but we know change is here. Know that we are doing everything possible to make the upcoming season as productive and fun as possible. 

Much of what will transpire is still unknown. We are still waiting for a final determination from the school board regarding school reopening. We are waiting to hear a definitive answer in regards to the upcoming high school sports season.

We do know that summer has been extended until the 24th of August. In the upper right section of this post is an image with the new schedule. (much easier to read than trying to post it here in Team Unify). Please review as there have been some tweaks and changes.

Once we have more answers, we will release the schedule for the school year. We will also be able to formulate a season plan. Until then, let's take it smooth and easy as we ramp back up into full blown training. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

See you at the pool - Rich