RAD Fall 2020 Coach's Letter


  We are extremely pleased to announce that Fall registration is OPEN! You can start your registration HERE!  A copy of the tentative schedule can be found HERE.
  Registration spots are limited.  We encourage you to sign up ASAP.  We will be assigning group placement on a first come first served basis.
The New Normal for 2020:
  As you might expect we are handling our season a little differently this year. Covid has changed the landscape and we are now in a position to innovate and adapt.  We are currently unable to use the RHS pool as outside renters are still a no go at this point of reopening.  With that in mind we are going to break the fall winter season up into three micro sessions: Session 1 mid August to mid October, Session 2 mid October to New Years, and Session 3 New Years through March. 
  Each of these sessions will have their own registration. Each of these seasons will have a varying degree of availability in terms of number of spots and groups we are able to run. The nature of reopening has made pool space scarce, especially at indoor pools. We have secured a certain amount of pool space for the entirety of all 3 sessions but are still on the hunt for more.
Session 1:
  Thankfully the first session will be a full service experience! We will be able to run all of our varsity groups and all of our developmental groups. The big change is this will be an outdoor session! We have secured pool time at three pools to make this happen: Martin's Dam, Rose Tree Woods, and VFMA outside pool (yes they have one! And it's nicer than the inside one). 
  As we look ahead to the future, swimming outside longer is a safer option infection wise than moving inside as soon as it's available. We came to this decision not only based on space but also by accepting this as a possible new reality. 
Space, Safety, and Pricing:
  Swimming this year will come with several new restrictions to how we enter and leave practice, interact before and after practice, and even how we position ourselves during practice. The coaching staff will provide a detailed safety plan for each facility prior to the first day of practice. Luckily we were able to model and practice this behavior during our summer session and we feel very good about where we are at safety wise. Our intention is to be a leader about how to return to sports the 'right' way. For reference please review the attached plan that we used for RTW this summer.
  The toughest thing is that there will be limited space in each group. Our plan is to utilize the space fully to service as many members of our community as possible. 
  With that in mind we are initiating hard caps on our developmental groups and White and Red groups. For Blue and Bronze we want to gage interest first before deciding if those two groups need to be split into three groups in order to make them work safely. 
  Pricing is set to cover our pool rentals and coaching coverage. Both of which are increased this fall in order to make this happen. 
  We will not be continuing the diving program. We will not be running lessons until social distancing guidelines make that a reality.
  We will be using solar heaters in late September and October as needed to ensure appropriate water temperature.
  - Group Caps
  Piranha - 48 - $125
  Barracuda - 48 - $125
  Sharks - 48 - $125
  White - 40 - $400
  Red - 40 - $400
  Bronze - TBD - $450
  Blue - TBD - $500
  Red and White groups will be divided into A and B groups so that we can utilize the space more fully.  When group practices are split the groups will be divided alphabetically and the A and B designation will be sent prior to the start of the first split practice.
Move Ups and Challenges:
  We will not be holding full blown tryouts this season. Instead we are going to offer 4 evaluation sessions 8/18 8-9AM, 8/18 9-10AM, 8/22 8-9AM, and 8/22 9-10AM.  IF YOU ARE A RETURNING PIR, BAR, OR SHARK SWIMMER OR YOU ARE NEW TO THE TEAM YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR AN EVALUATION. There is a $50 evaluation fee that is non refundable. If you make the team that $50 is subtracted from your total cost. 
  Here is a LINK  to the move up list with registration groups. WE WERE VERY CONSERVATIVE ON OUR MOVE UPS THIS YEAR DUE TO CONCERNS OVER NUMBERS PER GROUP.  With that in mind we will be offering challenges during the 8/22 evaluation session. 
  Coach Tanya will be in charge of evaluations and will be in touch with tentative eval groups by 8/15.  If you would like to challenge please reach out to Coach Tanya to set up your time. 
  Here is a LINK to a tentative schedule for the entire session. Please review so you have a firm understanding of where and when your swimmer will be practicing. Please be aware that this can change. 
  What competition will look like in the future is still a question of great debate. As a club we continue to work closely with MA swimming, SAL, and USA swimming to figure out this piece, but we are still not quite sure what exactly it will look like. Our intention is to provide at least one competition per session. 
  If you have varsity registration questions please reach out to Coach Chase
  If you have developmental registration questions please reach out to Coach Tanya
Thank you for your patience, and continued support of our program. We love having the opportunity to be a meaningful part of your community. 
Radnor Aquatics