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Masters Weekly News Thursday, August 6, 2020


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Masters Weekly Announcements August 6, 2020

Masters Weekly Announcements
Thursday, August 6, 2020 

1.  Swim Tip
2.  2020 Toyota USMS Virtual Championships
3.  Workout Reminders
4.  Thought of the Day


FYI:  This Friday only, we will have a 6:10-7:15AM workout added to our schedule.




Your Weekly Swim Tip

Can You "Feel the Water"?


What sensations do you feel when your hands go through the water?

Are you manipulating water efficiently?

1. Feel your hands.

Try inserting your hands into the oncoming flow instead of "attacking" the water and trying to push the water directly backwards.

2. Wrap the Flow.

After feeling the oncoming flow – wrap the flow around the arm by gradually rotating your hand and forearm. The maximum elbow bend should reach approximately 90 degrees and should be comfortable to you- If you need to- adjust the amount of elbow bent to suit your style.

3. Think momentum.

Your desired stroke timing depends to a great extent on your speed. Use your entry hand as a guiding sensory to judge the desired timing of your stroke.

Good Luck!



2020 Toyota USMS Virtual Championships


The first-ever    2020 Toyota USMS Virtual Championships  kick off in ONE WEEK!



This will be a unique, socially distant pool championship event held between Aug. 12-23 that allows our members to race anyone across the country in their favorite events through the app . Don't worry if you're not in peak form -- just set a goal and have fun!


·         Benefits:  USMS COVID-19 Relief Program

·         Event Timeframe:  Aug. 12-23

·         How to enter:

o     Option 1:  Free option for USMS members to participate on the app.

o     Option 2:  Get awesome swag and help USMS clubs restart for an entry fee of just $20.20.

·         Steps to join the event on

1.   Download the app on your phone

2.   Create a account

3.   Link your My USMS and accounts

4.   Join as many races as you want on the app ( here is how to do that ).


All USMS members will be able to participate for free on the app. The first   1,000 paid entrants  will earn some sweet swag ( commemorative medal event swim cap , 50th anniversary sticker, and USMS window cling), access to  USMS partner  discounts (see below), and the chance to win tons of prizes, so  check it out and sign up !  


We will race events on the following days:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, August 14-16.  Additional days will be added soon.



Workout Reminders

1.    Stay home if you feel sick. This includes symptoms like frequent cough, sneezing, fever, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, recent loss of smell or taste.


2.      Athletes to arrive at the pool and leave the pool with face coverings keeping the required distance of 10 ft.

3.  All athletes must arrive in their swimsuits. No showers or changing in the locker rooms/bathroom stalls, or deck changes are allowed on deck or in the parking lot.

4.  Athletes immediately report to their coach for lane assignment and put their belongings at the end of the lane in the buckets or on the bleaches.

5.  Two athletes per lane (opposite sides of the pool). Athletes must stay on their side of the lane.  Avoid being all the wall with another swimmer at the same time.

6.     Depart practice immediately and clear the deck before the next group arrives.   

7.  We would like Group C - our beginning, improving and swimmers, and swimmers who need more rest to be in the first 3-4 lanes closest to the side walls. Group B, faster swimmers, in the next 3-4 lanes of the pool. And, Group A (fastest swimmers) in the middle 6 lanes of the pool.




Thought of the Day    




Stars shine the brightest in the darkness and positivity shines the most in adversity.

The challenge will make you better (if you let it).

You’ve got this. Don’t give up.

The best is yet to come!


-Coach Mark








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