Open letter to HSL from exiting President

Letter to the HSL

            I am writing this letter to everyone currently involved or who has been involved with the Harford Swim League. I have been involved with the HSL for the last twelve years, beginning when my daughter started swimming at age seven, and have been fortunate enough to be the HSL president for the last four years. As the outgoing President, I just wanted to write this letter expressing my thanks to everyone.

            I wanted to start by saying thank you to all the board members and executive board members that I have had the pleasure to serve with, as I feel that we accomplished a lot of good things for the league in the last four years. When I took the role of President, I told everyone that my goal was to leave the HSL in better shape when I left then when I started. I am thankful to say that I feel this goal has been accomplished. 

            I also want to say thank you to all the teams, their volunteers, and everyone that contributes to the HSL. I have been involved with summer league, year-round swimming, and even college swimming, and I understand that no meet happens without the effort from volunteers. I know that volunteering is often a thankless job, therefore I am thanking you now! 

            I have been around a pool deck for more than a decade and have made some lasting friendships along the way. I enjoyed having conversations either at the pool, after a meeting, or even during phone calls. I guess there is something about being out in the heat on a pool deck, or just enjoying watching our kids swim that makes me appreciate the lasting memories that we take away. 

            Finally, I just want to let everyone know that if there is anything the league needs from me, I will be only a phone call or email away, and I am always happy to help. I simply want the HSL to grow stronger and continue to allow kids to swim. 

Remember no matter what, it is all about the kids.


Darren Schillinger