Age Group Restructing Plan - September and Beyond

Hello EMAC Families,

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support as we've navigated many difficulties in order to provide programming at a time when programming was scarce.

Our staff has been evaluating improved ways to group our swimmers. Through the process, we decided to do two things: 1) Make some small modifications to our groups, and 2) Better communicate our policy on grouping swimmers. The basic premise is we want swimmers to practice with the same swimmers on which they will compete in relays.

  • Due to social interaction being limited at school, we want our swimmers to be around their peers first and foremost.
  • We want to put a higher priority on relays, team excitement, and team camaraderie. We compete in relays at three different meets during the season: SJAC, SCY Champs, LCM Champs.
  • We don't want a swimmer being locked into a group for a length longer than two calendar years as this will keep the sport engaging and more fresh for the swimmers.

With these three priorities in mind we are looking at renaming our groups with the following breakdowns:

  • Due to the group distinctions at 8 and under meets and 8 and unders being treated as it's own unique group in Middle Atlantic. 8 and Unders will now be broken into two distinct groups: 6 & Under and 7-8s. All Swimmers 8 and under will be in the 8 and under system until their 9th birthday.
  • 9-10s: All Swimmers aged 9-10 will practice together when lane space permits, we may need multiple distinct 9-10 groups based upon COVID-19 Protocol
  • 11-12s: All Swimmers aged 11-12 will practice together when lane space permits, we may need multiple distinct 11-12 groups based upon COVID-19 Protocol
  • 13-14s: All Swimmers aged 13-14 will practice together. The only exception is when swimmers in the 13-14 group are in HS. Following the same principles of peer-based grouping, those swimmers will be grouped with their high-school-aged teammates.

Transitioning from one group to the next will happen at three key times in the year:

  • At the conclusion of each meet in which relays are present (SJAC, SYC Champs, LCM Champs) Rosters will be evaluated. If a swimmer would be competing in a different age group come the NEXT relay inclusive meet, they will transition into the next group with their peers.
  • The only other time group transitioning will take place is when an 8 and under ages up to 9, at which time they leave the mini meet structure and begin competing in 9&Over meets immediately.

Practice times are not yet determined as there are many factors influencing practice times that are not yet resolved.

We are excited for this new stucture and it is our goal for this new "Relay Focused" group design to carry on into the future. If you have any questions, feel free to email Coach Seth, though please be aware he will be unable to answer any emails between the dates of August 8-15, then will be responding as time permits from Aug 16-21.

The EMAC Coaching Staff