E-Learning & The Sports Academy Option Here At BSAC

E-Learning is a fact of life here in Hillsborough County, at least for the time being. We understand that this will be a challenge for many of our families. We have options. Please keep in mind that our staff consists of qualified, experienced educators. We are licensed and certified. This is our space.

We will offer a straight E-:earning option with the ability to train based on your school schedule. We will also offer an exciting Sports Academy option that will help you learn and train at an elite level. Watch the video and see which option is best for your child. 

Please note. Space is limited. There has been a lot of interest since the school board ruling. If this is of interest to you, please act fast. If you have questions, reach out.

We tell the swimmers all the time. There is always a way. In fact, we can take a bad situation and craft ir in such a way that we actually get an advantage. I honestly feel that these offerings can be an even better alternative than the traditional swim/school model. 

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Sincerely - Rich

E=Learning Options 2020
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