Phase 3 Practice Assignments Kingsport
 Hi Everyone,
    The following link has the practice times and cone assignments for all swimmers reporting to the KAC on Wednesday for practice!  
     We had to adjust some practice times and groups accordingly to fit in the lane space and social distancing constraints we have.  Swimmers must report to the group they are assigned.  For Pre-Seniors, please check below to see if you are Pre-Senior 1 or 2.  Thank you for your patience!
      Please arrive at the outside gate 10 minutes before the start of practice.   As with previous phases, parents must stay in their car.  Please be prompt and read the practice guidelines and lane assignments below:

                               Barracuda at KAC Phase 3 Guidelines

The outdoor pool gates will open 5 minutes before the designated practices and only stay open for 5 minutes (until practices begin).  Please be prompt!  At this time, swimmers may not enter the pool by any other method.

Swimmers and parents need to be cognizant of social distancing while outside the gate waiting for the opening.

Outdoor Gate Opening Times As Follows:

3:55-4:00 PM (For Weekday Practices Starting at 4 PM)

4:25-4:30 PM (For Weekday Practices Starting at 4:30 PM)

5:25-5:30 PM (For Weekday Practices Starting at 5:30 PM)

5:55-6:00 PM (For Friday Blue Practice Starting at 6 PM Friday)

7:55-8:00 AM (For Saturday Practices Starting at 8 AM)

9:25-9:30 AM (For Saturday Practices Starting at 9:30 AM)

9:55-10:00 AM (For Blue Saturday Practice Starting at 10 AM)

Parents may not come into the pool area.

Place your personal belongings along the open wall spot on the deck and wait until called to your practice lane.

Practice social distancing (6 feet apart)

If you have a fever, exhibit signs of infection, or were exposed to others who may have COVID- 19, stay home.

Do not share water bottles or equipment.

Come to the pool and leave the pool in your swim suit. The locker rooms and showers are still closed.

Restrooms can be used one person at a time. Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds before returning to the pool.

You must stay in the practice group to which you have been assigned to aid in contact tracing.

There will be some changes:

We will have lanes 5-8 (4-8 on Friday and Saturday) of the indoor pool.  This will require some differences in practice logistics.

Each lane will have 2 “home” stations, 1 at the near (shallow) end, and 1 at the far end (deep) 

Swimmers assigned to near end stations will be called to the indoor pool first from outside. They will lay their equipment bags at the end of the pool, and get in. Swimmers assigned to the far stations will then be called to the pool, lay their gear at the end of the lane, get into the water and remain at the wall.

The remaining swimmers in each lane will be assigned to a marked, designated cone on the side of the pool to ensure social distancing.  Swimmers designated Cone 1 will jump in and go to their lane, then Cone 2, and so forth.  Cones will be 4 yards (12 feet apart)

When getting equipment during practice, swimmers at the stations at the ends of the lanes will exit the pool, take their equipment bag, move away from the end of the pool, get out their equipment.  Then swimmers from Cone 1 will go to their bags at the pool wall, Cone 2, and so forth.

When beginning a set, all swimmers in a lane will start at the same time and circle swim.

Cone markings will be on the deck (large cones).  When being given instructions, swimmers will wait at their cones while the coach explains the set or technical drill.

Please familiarize yourself with these changes. Feel free to ask any questions for clarification.  Below are the practice time and lane assignments.  Please take note for Monday.

    KAC Phase 3 Practice Schedule:

Senior Group: Lanes 5-7

Monday: 4-6 PM (First Half Hour Drylands)

Tuesday: 4-6:00 PM

Wednesday: 4-6 PM (First Half Hour Drylands)

Thursday: 4-5:30 PM

Friday: 4-6 PM (First Half Hour Drylands)

Saturday: 8-10 AM

Lane 5:

Far End: Libby Russum

Station 5: Ian Hall

Station 4: Joe Neglia

Station 3: Kassidy McGuire

Station 2: Anna Johnson

Near End:  Ava Sherer

Lane 6:

Far End: Shane Estes

Station 5: Ally Yeary

Station 4: Alex Ponasik

Station 3: Kousha Sadeghi

Near End: Megan Cooper

Lane 7:

Far End: Sophia Van der Biest

Station 5: Ellie Hall

Station 4: Olivia Johnson

Station 3: Tia Spivey

Near End:

Pre-Senior 1 Group: Lanes 5-6

Monday: 4-5:30 PM (First Half Hour Drylands)

Tuesday: 4-5:30 PM

Wednesday: 4-5:30 PM (First Half Hour Drylands)

Thursday: 4-5:30 PM

Friday: 4-5:30 PM (First Half Hour Drylands)

Saturday: 8-9:30 AM

Lane 5:

Far End: Piper Osterhus

Station 5: JP Hennaux

Station 4: Macy Davis

Station 3: Madi Johnson

Station 2: Gaby Simpson

Station 1: 

Near End: Josh Slap

Lane 6:

Far End: Evie Dellinger

Station 5: Ethan Bowman

Station 4: Gage Hutson

Station 3: Abby Slap

Station 2

Station 1: 

Near End: Eva Hennaux

Pre-Senior 2 Group: Lanes 7-8

Monday: 5:30-7 PM (First Half Hour Drylands)

Tuesday: 5:30-7 PM

Wednesday: 5:30-7 PM (First Half Hour Drylands)

Thursday: 5:30-7 PM

Friday: 5:30-7 PM (First Half Hour Drylands)

Saturday: 9:30-11 AM

Lane 7:

Far End: Jolee Dalida

Station 5: Eli Johnson

Station 4:

Station 3: Naomi Castle

Station 2: Levi Furrow

Station 1: 

Near End: LB Kizer

Lane 8:

Far End: Anna Allen

Station 5:

Station 4: Charles Deng

Station 3: Olivia Hall

Station 2: McKenzie Furrow

Station 1: 

Near End: Ella Pitts

Silver: Lane 8

Monday: 5:30-7 PM (Last Half Hour Drylands)

Tuesday: 5:30-7 PM

Wednesday: 5:30-7 PM (Last Half Hour Drylands)

Thursday: 5:30-7 PM

Friday: 5:30-7 PM (Last Half Hour Drylands)

Lane 8:

Far End:

Station 5: Bayley Jones

Station 4: Rosy Jarrett

Station 3: Josh Kovac

Station 2: Elizabeth Frye

Station 1: Gianna Scicli

Near End: Noel McLain

Blue Group: Lane 8

Monday: 6:00-7:00 PM

Tuesday: 6:00-7:00 PM

Wednesday: 6:00-7:00 PM

Friday: 6:00-7:00 PM 


Lane 8:

Far Side: Anton Cervo

Station 5: Eli Jones

Station 4: Ava Baker

Station 3: Berkeley Herrera

Station 2: Danielle Kearney

Station 1: Emma Kearney

Near End: Giada Dellinger

Coach Gian