Fall 2020 - Evolving Plans For Fall Email #3

September Swimming Plans Are Solidifying

  We wanted to keep you up to date on things in terms of fall/winter swimming so that you knew where we are at. First off we are still actively seeking additional coaches as we’ll have such a varied schedule for a bit that we’ll need the extra help. If you have anyone that you can send our way please contact me with their information (name and contact data).

Per swimming:

1 – Indoor Pools: No word as of yet from Academy or St. Charles as to when it might be that we will be able to get back into the pools. That’s very understandable considering the limbo that they are in pertaining to their back to school plans in this every changing world that we have right now.


2 – September Swimming: The good news is that, both, Northland Swim Club and Westerville Jaycees, are definitely staying open throughout September and Chevington Woods is highly considering it. All 3 are outdoor but are, indeed, heated. This will, at least, get us started. As such, I am working on 2 immediate schedules for September… one with just NSC & WJC and one with all 3 pools in the event CWRC does decide to stay open. At WJC we’re looking at 6-8pm M-F and potential weekend time (I’m waiting to hear about that now). At NSC we’ll be able to have 1:15 to 3:45 p.m. M-F and weekend time as well. We can also have M & W’s from 6-8 pm. I’m not sure what Chevington would have yet but I’ve requested weekdays 5:45-7:45 and then weekends (later in the day to help with warmth). We might even look at something during the day there since the athletes aren’t in school. The 2 issues with daytime programming are transportation and coaching. Still, if we can arrange something for those who could get their non-driving swimmers there it could really help with things.


3 – Alternative September Swimming: In the event that our indoor pools were to open to us in September I do then have to have a schedule prepared for that. As such, that will be a 3rd schedule that I’ll work on for the team in the event that this does happen. However, we’ll have to have 2-3 sub schedules as a result… one for both pools being open, 1 for only CA being open and then 1 for only SC being open. In the event it’s just 1 pool we then will have a schedule for that indoor pool and for 1-2 of the outdoor pools.

Note: One step deeper into this… once we make a commitment to these outdoor pools for the month I think it’s imperative for everyone to understand our need to fulfill our commitment. What I mean is that if we go with an outdoor schedule for September and then suddenly one of our indoor pools open and says we can get in we have to think of the ramifications of pulling out of one or more of those outdoor pools. They are going to only be able to stay open based on the income projection from all of the teams that may want to rent their facility. All will be cutting losses closely due to increased heating costs and all. As such, if we pull out it may put the pool in a situation whereby they have to shut down operations. If that happens then the rest of the teams renting that facility would be out of a swimming opportunity, as well. As such, we need to consider those consequences and how it could damage the opportunity for other teams to operate for all of their athletes. As such, once we commit for September to the outdoor pools we will hold to that commitment. The only other option would be for us to simply pay off the pool rental that we owe to those pools and then also take on the pool rental for the indoor pools if they were to open. We are in no position to do something like this at all. We received almost $9,000 in grants this summer that we applied for through USA Swimming and Ohio Swimming and will barely break even at the end of August due to the restricted athlete numbers we were faced with and the increased pool rentals that we had this summer.       


4 – Dryland Gym Swimming: Once I get all of the above schedules set up I can then plug in the Greater Columbus Swim Training On-land (just a play on words to keep it GCSTO) opportunities at Power in Motion & CORE 44 Wyandotte. Only once the water time schedule is set up will we be able to set up the gym schedule. So a sub category of each and every schedule we’re setting up above will then be what that schedule looks like with the Gym Swim opportunities.


5 – Financial Structure: Nothing about all of this is confusing until we hit this aspect of things. LOL… but really. Because we will have 1 series of expenses and 1 schedule for September we will have to set finances up to accommodate that schedule and those expenses (unless, of course, by some chance we are allowed into both indoor pools). Once indoors, we will then then have those expenses and another schedule for each group. As such, we will need to set up a completely different financial outline for that aspect of the season. Considerations:

  A – In order to insure solidity all of the way through the season anyone signing up for September (which will be considered to be part of our fall season) will also be committing to the rest of the FW (or year around if they want) season. You will be presented with the costs for September and then what the costs will be once we go inside. That way you know exactly what you’re financially committing to for both. Once all of those swimmers have made those commitments we will look at any training spots that may remain open in September to allow others who do not wish to commit to the full season to take up these training spots so that we can help them out with their training needs and so that we can then better support ourselves financially during that month.

  B – Expect there to be a similar set up to that which we used this summer in terms of reserving location and days of the week to train. Definitely in September and quite well possibly all of the rest of the way through you will be locked into the days that you’ve reserved both in terms of scheduling (actually coming to practice) and finances (you’ll be charged only for the days you’ve reserved). Unlike last year where you’re group would have 4 practices and fees were set based on you coming to those 4 (whether you came or not) this summer you paid for only the days you reserved if, perchance, you didn’t want to or couldn’t attend all 4 days each week. Now, the flexibility we had of an athlete mixing up days and pool locations last year will be cut down as a result of limited space and need to maintain complete tracking records. What this means if, if your group trained M, T, Th & Sun last year and you were able to come to M, T, Th one week and then M, Th & Sun the next due to our flexibility you will not be able to do that this year. You will need to lock in your days and stick to those days (and locations) throughout that session of the schedule.  

   C – As such, there will be the “roster” set up for the upcoming season that we used this session in that we’ll have an exact roster each day for each location and time. We will then have athletes assigned to the same deck positions every day when they come to practice where which they will keep their belongings. They will also be assigned to the same lane each day (lanes 1-6) and the same sub-group each day (swimmer A, B, C, D, E of F in that lane each day). Our goal is to start with 4 in the water and 2 on dryland (one at each end) rotating all swimmers into the pool each set throughout practice. Yes, it will take us a bit to set these up but it allows us accurately track athlete attendance each day and athlete locale relations every day (who is next to who) for COVID tracking purposes in the event that’s needed.


 And “badupdup”… now that we have a semblance of an idea of what time we have at the outdoor pools (which we got within the last couple days and are still waiting for more clarification on) we get to do this in the next week or so in order to then build the registration portal, organize the web site, communicate the info to you and get things started. And of course there’s the additional staffing help that we’ll need to make this all happen. We’ll get it done and I’ll keep you informed of things as they solidify.

 Thanks for being a part of our TEAM!