New Protocol


Starting today,Tuesday August 11th, we begin a new phase at practices. 

1) Swimmers will not have to wait for a coach to come to the door. Please continue to enter the building one at a time, take off shoes, and use hand sanitizer in the foyer. If someone is already in the foyer, please wait outside until it is your turn. 

2) We are allowed to use the locker room. It can be used for changing in and out of swim wear. The lockers are available to place your items during practice. Please continue to stay 6 feet away from other swimmers while in the locker room. Showers can now be taken in the locker room. We will still have access to the shower on deck for those not wanting to use the locker room yet. 

3) Coaches will continue to sign in each swimmer. We will be doing the check in on deck instead of at the door. Please make sure your swimmer is healthy. We ask that if your swimmer has a cough, sore throat, headache, fever, any othe signs of COVID 19, or has been around anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID 19, that he/she remain at home. Thanks for going your part to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Thank you for being flexible with all the changes over the last few months.