Trails Spirit Wear 2020

It's about this time that we are evaluating the season and looking back at all the great memories that were made at the pool. It brings me great sadness that we don't get to do that this year. So many great milestones and moments lost, new friendships and stronger bonds that never happened. The disappointments of this spring and summer don't end at our home pool. This whole year has definitely been a shake up for the swim community.

We can, however, still celebrate the community and team that we love. We have opened a Trails spirit wear shop just for fun! It features a t-shirt the seniors helped design to recognize the year that couldn't be. All registered swimmers will have their names on the back with the 2020 coaching team. 
Due to the fact that 2020 is what it is, we also have a face mask available in addition to several other spirit wear items. Check it out! Order by Thursday, August 27. Select the No Shipping option, and Stephanie will pick up our order and distribute. Details to come.