Week 1: Forming Great Habits
Week 1 - Forming Great Habits

Happy Sunday  Bengal Families!

Here we are! It is Week 1 of our new adventure of this 2020 season! 

For those of you who are joining us this yaer,  WELCOME! We are so excited you are here. For those returning I can't wait to have another great season with you! 

Each week we will be focused on topic as a team that we will be talking about it during practices that helps us have a great season. This week we are focused on  Forming Great Habits! The begining of the season is where we want to set up the positive habits that we will carry our team throghout the season. 

These hahbits include things in the pool like pointing toes on a dive, tight streamline, being ontime, giving 100% effort, leaving from the wall and wearing a mask when entering and leaving the building. Focusing on building the right habits early on will allow these to become second nature and support all of the training we will be doing this season. 

We also want to form great habits outside of the pool. This includes focusing on how we are fuleing our bodies, having a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and starting to get up a little earlier as the school year approaches.

Forming Great Habits is a skill and a discipline that allows us to be successful both as individuals and as a team! All week we will be giving examples of great habits and encouraging athletes to form great habits in and out of the pool!

Saftey Protocols

One of the most important habits we will need to form thsi season is our saftey protocols! First and foremost please be ready to be flexible! We are doing our best to follow saftey, adjust as necessary and give athletes what they need! 

  1. Masks are  required when entering and leaving the building
  2. Athletes will arrive and leave in their suits. They will  NOT have access to the locker rooms. 
  3. At the start of each practice athletes will be asked a series of questions regarding their potential exposer to COVID-19. Any "yes" answer will result in an athlete being sent home. Athletes must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to practice. 
    1. If atheltes or someone in their direct household are tested for COVID-19 they must stay home until the result of the test comes back negative 
    2. If it is positive athletes are required to quarentine for 14 days or as directed by medical professionals
  4. Once screened atheltes will go into pool and set their bags the designated area as instructed by coaches! They will fill in to the Blue X's where they will place their bags. 
  5. Athletes will need to bring their gear bags home each night. We will not be storing them at the pool.  
  6. Coaches will assign lanes that will remain the same for that day. Until we have more data we will be doing the best we can to put athletes in lanes based on ability and type of practice we are doing that day. 
  7. Atheltes  WILL NOT be allowed to share water bottles! They must bring their own! 
  8. Once practice is over atheltes will stay socially distanced, get dressed and head out! Atheltes should not linger after practice to ensure saftey. 

As we work on Forming Great Habits this week will continue to communicate and update based on how practices are going! Thank you for your patience and flexibility with us as we udpate and adapt to get athletes what they need! 

I am still working on finalizing pods based on issues I have heard regarding registration. If you have not been able to register yet please let me know and I will work on getting pods out as quickly as possible. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I can't wait to see you all tomorrow! 

Kristen Luedtke
Head Coach - Blaine Girls Swimming and Diving
[email protected]