Practice Schedule for Day 2 - 8/18
Practice Schedule for Day 2 - 8/18

Good morning  Bengal Families! 

We did it! Thank you all so much for a great first day of practice! It was so much fun to see all of you and be back in the pool! We are still figuring out the social distancing and practice lanes but everyone did a fantastic job getting screened, getting their stuff set on the X's and getting in the water. We will continue to improve and iterate as we learn more! 

Below are the practice groups for today! 

Blue Group - Practice 2:50-5:50 Athletes arrive by 2:50 for screening practice starts at 3

Last Name First Name
Busch Gabrielle
Clarke Maria
Clarke Margaret
Dang Bethany
Engfer Katrina
Gutenkauf Breck
Hanson Gillian
Knox Sarah
Leighton Arabella
Leo Sophia
Pagano Madison
Pennoyer Ella
Ripley Abagail
Ripley Ashley
Ryan Hanna
Ryan Lana
Schrank Allison
Schrank Madeline
Schutta Deborah
Stadden Addison
Stark Lacie
Stark Kalli
Taylor Marin
Thomson Megan
Wilson Emma

White Group - Practice 2:50 - 4:20 Athletes arrive at 2:50 for screening, practice ends at 4:20

Last Name First Name
Brouillard Taylor
Carik Krysta
Pennoyer Kate
Thomson Ella
Wester Morgan
Dupre Marina
Dupre Danielle
Dupre Elise
Wilson Lydia
Boyer Karina
Sail Monia

Gray Group - Practice 4:20 - 5:50 Athletes arrive at 4:10 for screening practice ends at 5:50

Last Name First Name
Boisjolie Ella
Germann Ada
Harris Cecilia
Landis Magdalene
Leckner Rachel
Lucore Elizabeth
Lushine Grace
Miller Nevaeh
Murillo Isabelle
Murillo Madeline
Nguyen Alexis
Pollock Amalissa
Verstyak Tetyana

Diving Group - Practice 3:00-5:00 Athletes arrive at 2:50 for Screening practice ends at 5 

**If you did not get Nicks Diving Intro Email yesterday please let me know!

Last Name First Name
Bellendorf Riley
Chesness Isabelle
Clarke Lily
Jensen Alyssa
Koenigs Jemma
Louwagie Erin
Rice Chloe
Thell Catherine
Wester Lauren
Davis Leah
Stauffacher Ellie
Stauffacher Lily

Again there are still a few registration issues so if you do not see your atheltes name please let me know. 

Looking forward to a great day 2! Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Kristen Luedtke
Head Coach - Blaine Girls Swimming and Diving
[email protected]