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CBAC CoVid19 Return to Swimming


Fall 2020



Start on September 8, 2020



BellAliant Centre


  • To be read in conjunction with Swimming Canada’s Return to Swimming Guidelines V2 ( and SwimPEI Return to swim guidelines.
  • Processes and procedures informed by the Canadian Return to HP Sport Framework and Health PEI regulations



The focus will be, in order:

  1. Athlete and Society Well-Being
  2. Risk Mitigation
  3. Technique




  1. Head Coach will convene a virtual meeting using the Zoom platform to:
  • formally announce the return date;
    • brief all members on safety, hygiene & best practice behaviours when coming back[1] ;
    • present documents members need to complete and submit to be permitted on pool deck;
  • provide briefing on pool-deck flow, lane allocations and overview how the pool deck will be set-up before, during and after training; and
    • outline the process for return including the division into three groups with different training times.
  1. Head Coach will meet with each athlete to discuss medical issues and receive information and Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk Form, Health Screening checklist, and Contact Tracing Log [2] 
  2. Group Coach emails training sessions to each swimmer, requesting they be printed or hand-written and brought to training individually.
  3. Training Groups
  • Swimmers divided into groups based on age, ability and other considerations[3]  
  • Athletes will stay with their assigned Training Group for the duration of stage (at least two months)
  • There cannot be any mixing of training groups. Even if there is an occupancy in another group, athletes cannot mix or switch groups
  1. Enter and exit of pool facility
  • Entrance and exits will be clearly marked so swimmers will not enter and exit at the same time to avoid any overlap of groups.
  • Athletes must enter and exit the pool deck in accordance to facility rules so that they do not add risk to each other or athletes or staff
  • Safe physical distance posters will be posted and markings on pool deck as per the facility rules.
  • Head coach and other coaches will monitor safe physical distancing of swimmers upon entry and exit of the pool deck.
  • Parents/guardians will drop off swimmers at appointed training session and will pick up swimmers at the end of the appointed training session.
  • Athletes will not be permitted to arrive more than 15min before their training block.
  • Swimmers and parents/guardians will be discouraged from loitering outside the pool deck and in the parking lot.
  • Parents/guardians will not be permitted on the pool deck and will be discouraged from remaining at the pool.  Physical distancing rules will apply.
  • Athletes will be expected to arrive dressed to train (training suits under clothing). Clothing and bags will be placed at marked positions.
  • There will be no locker room access to athletes before workouts.
  1. Washroom will be open to swimmers and coaches.
  2. Coaches will review the Health Screening checklist questions with swimmers prior to each session.  Bring a signed hard copy to the first workout.
  3. Swimmers and parents/guardians will be required to advise the Head Coach of any symptoms or changes to responses on the Health Screening checklist by email and before arriving at the appointed training session.
  4. The pool will be used by CBAC for training. No other user group is permitted on deck. Facility may choose to hold some activities during training time.
  5. Attendance and health monitoring records will be maintained daily.
  6. Facility will provide hand sanitizer and/or hand washing stations. Athletes will also carry personal hand sanitizer and will abide by pool rules.
  7. Coach must stay on the side of the pool deck, keeping at least 10ft away from everyone at all times or wear a facemask.
  8. Any video work will be sent electronically to athletes for review.
  9. Head coach, assistant coaches, swimmers and pool lifeguards only on deck.



  • Swimmers are to bring own personal equipment and responsible to sanitize own equipment after use.
  • No equipment will be provided on deck. Please visit our online merchandise partners.

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