Proud Supporters of the Legends
Welcome From Coach Roman

Dear Swimmers and Parents,

Welcome and welcome back to another exciting season for St. John’s Legends Swim Club. My name is Roman Ramirez and on behalf of the St. John’s Legends Swim Club, I would like to thank you and your children for joining the team. This year I am extremely excited to act as the Head Coach for our SJLSC.  I will strive to make this a successful and memorable year for you and your children. Good sportsmanship, athleticism, a sense of family and camaraderie, and pride in one's self and in their team are the important qualities I hope to instill in not just the swimmers, but within you-the parents, as well. To make this possible, I will be emphasizing the importance of communication between the coaching staff, the swimmers, and parents throughout the whole season. It is important that you and your athletes feel comfortable with the coaches, so please feel free to contact your coach if you have any questions or concerns.

We have made some changes and adjustment to the program. It will help the coaches to plan, develop and perform throughout the year, and help the swimmers achieve team and personal goals for the season. As everybody knows we are having some challenges due to COVID-19, and it may be reflected in the schedules and times, but we are doing our best to give a full coaching experience to the swimmers.

The St John’s Legends program will have 7 different groups. These have been built based on the criteria of skill level, age, and level of commitment to training and swim meets.

The competitive groups will be: Elite, Youth, Junior, Age Group Performance, Gold and Silver. The pre-competitive groups will be: Blue Group and Black Group. Please check in our website the requirements for each group. The groups have a different structure from last year. These changes will help the team, board, and coaches to give better service and coaching to the swimmers.

All groups programming includes practices in the morning and afternoons. It will help to the swimmers to develop their swimming career in a regular basis. We have posted the group schedules to the website.  We will circulate the group placements that we are recommending.  Please do not compare the swimmers, as every swimmer is different.

Remember, communication is important.  Thank you so much for supporting our athletes and as always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,
Roman Ramirez
Head Coach
St John’s Legends Swim Club